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74 Fun Cartoon Characters that Start with P

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Cartoon Characters that Start with P

-A list of 100 awesome cartoon characters whose names all start with the letter “P”.


Hello, fellow enthusiasts of all things animated and whimsical!

It’s a pleasure to invite you on a delightful journey through the enchanting world of cartoon characters whose names start with the letter “P.”

From the iconic classics to the hidden gems, we’ve compiled a list of 100 characters, each with its unique charm and appeal.

So, whether you’re reliving fond memories or discovering new favorites, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s embark on this joyful adventure together!

Cartoon Characters that Start with P


 1. Popeye

The spinach-loving sailor who taught us the power of strength and resilience.

With bulging forearms and a squinty eye, Popeye became a symbol of overcoming obstacles and standing up for what’s right, all while chomping on some leafy greens.


2. Pikachu

The electrifying face of Pokémon and the ultimate cuteness overload.

This adorable, lightning-charged pocket monster captured the hearts of fans worldwide and became a symbol of friendship and adventure.


3. Puss in Boots

The swashbuckling, feline hero of the Shrek series.

With his charming Spanish accent and extraordinary sword-fighting skills, Puss in Boots added a touch of romance and excitement to the Shrek universe.


4. Pluto

Mickey Mouse’s loyal canine companion, and arguably the most famous dog in the world.

Pluto’s endearing antics and unwavering loyalty have charmed audiences for generations.


5. Pink Panther

The suave and stealthy pink feline who graced our screens for years.

The Pink Panther’s silent but mischievous adventures and iconic theme music are etched in the memories of many.


6. Patrick Star 

SpongeBob’s best friend, the lovable pink starfish.

Patrick’s cheerful, albeit clueless, demeanor adds a dash of humor to Bikini Bottom’s underwater escapades.


7. Pebbles Flintstone

The adorable daughter of the Flintstone family.

Pebbles brought joy to the prehistoric town of Bedrock and were a symbol of love and family in “The Flintstones.”


8. Papa Smurf 

The wise leader of the Smurfs with a heart of gold.

Papa Smurf guided his little blue friends through countless adventures, teaching them valuable life lessons along the way.


9. Penny Proud

The protagonist of “The Proud Family,” navigates the ups and downs of teenage life.

Penny’s relatable experiences and humorous family dynamics made the show a favorite for many.


10. Princess Bubblegum 

The brilliant and benevolent ruler of the Candy Kingdom in Adventure Time.

Princess Bubblegum’s intelligence and caring nature make her a role model for viewers of all ages.


11. Perdita 

Pongo’s wife and the loving mother of the 101 Dalmatian puppies.

Perdita’s dedication and courage in protecting her pups from Cruella de Vil showcased the strength of maternal love.


12. Peter Pan 

The boy who never grew up and took us to Neverland.

Peter Pan’s magical adventures and lessons about the importance of imagination remain timeless.


13. Pepe Le Pew

The amorous skunk in love, always on the hunt for romance.

Pepe Le Pew’s comic mishaps in pursuit of love made him a unique and unforgettable character.


14. Pinkie Pie

The fun-loving and party-obsessed pony from My Little Pony.

Pinkie Pie’s zest for life and talent for throwing epic parties brought joy and inspiration to viewers.


15. Perry the Platypus

The secret agent alter ego of Phineas and Ferb’s pet platypus.

Perry’s double life as a crime-fighting secret agent added an intriguing twist to the lighthearted show.


16. Prince Eric

The dashing prince who stole Ariel’s heart in “The Little Mermaid.” Prince Eric’s bravery and kindness were the keys to his enduring appeal.


17. Pacha 

The kind-hearted Inca villager from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

Pacha’s down-to-earth wisdom and generosity were a perfect foil to the comically self-absorbed Emperor Kuzco.


18. Princess Aurora 

The graceful and sweet Sleeping Beauty.

Princess Aurora’s timeless beauty and the enchanting tale of her awakening by true love’s kiss continue to captivate audiences.


19. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm 

The adorable kids of the Flintstone and Rubble families.

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm’s friendship and adventures provided wholesome entertainment for viewers of all ages.


20. Prince Charming

The elusive and charming prince who wins the hearts of various princesses.

With several fairy tales to his name, Prince Charming embodies the timeless dream of true love.


21. Penelope Pussycat 

The feline love interest of Pepe Le Pew.

Penelope Pussycat’s comedic escapades with Pepe Le Pew were a highlight of the Looney Tunes series.


22. Peggy Hill

The strong-willed wife and mother in “King of the Hill.”

Peggy’s quirky personality and her love for her family made her a memorable character in this animated sitcom.


23. Princess Tiana

The hardworking and ambitious princess who became a frog in “The Princess and the Frog.”

Tiana’s determination and her journey to achieve her dreams inspired viewers.


24. Peter Griffin

The lovable yet bumbling dad from “Family Guy.”

Peter Griffin’s antics and the show’s satirical humor have made “Family Guy” a cult favorite.


25. Pinky 

The Brain’s enthusiastic and often silly companion.

Pinky and the Brain’s comedic attempts to take over the world, with Pinky’s cheerful outlook and Brain’s genius, were a hilarious and endearing combination.


26. Princess Atta

The poised and responsible princess ant from Disney-Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life.”

Princess Atta’s leadership and growth throughout the film are inspiring.


27. Panthro

The brawny and tech-savvy member of the ThunderCats team.

Panthro’s strength and intelligence were key to their adventures.


28. Pidgey

The adorable bird Pokémon is known for its small size and early appearance in the Pokémon games.

Pidgey’s charm lies in its simplicity and versatility.


29. Pancham

A mischievous and panda-like Pokémon, Pancham’s antics bring a playful element to the Pokémon world.


30. Pussycat Princess

A character from “The Amazing World of Gumball,” she’s a sophisticated and regal cat who adds humor and class to the show.


31. Pacha Mama

A revered and mystical character in “The Emperor’s New Groove,” symbolizing the harmony of nature and the film’s message.


32. Prince Zuko

The complex and conflicted character from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Zuko’s transformation from antagonist to hero is one of the show’s highlights.


33. Pebble and the Penguin

The adorable characters from the film “The Pebble and the Penguin.”

Their journey to find a pebble to propose with is heartwarming and memorable.


34. Porky Pine

A lovable character from “Maple Town,” known for their gentle and kind nature.

**Popeye’s Niece – Olive Oyl’s niece and Popeye’s adopted daughter in the animated series, “Popeye and Son.”

She’s a charming addition to the Popeye family.


35. Prince Vegeta

 The proud and powerful Saiyan prince from the “Dragon Ball” series.

His character growth and complex personality have made him a fan favorite.


36. Pegasus Seiya 

The heroic protagonist of “Saint Seiya,” known for his unwavering loyalty and determination.


37. Piglet

The timid but endearing friend of Winnie the Pooh.

Piglet’s bravery in the face of fear and his loyalty to his friends make him truly special.


38. Papa Q. Bear

The patriarch of the Q. Bear family from “The Berenstain Bears.”

Papa Bear’s humorous misadventures and love for his family are relatable to many.


39. Peter Potamus

 The adventurous hippopotamus from “The Peter Potamus Show.”

His escapades often took him to exotic locales and hilarious situations.


40. Poochie

The “Itchy & Scratchy” character from “The Simpsons.”

Poochie’s over-the-top ’90s persona is a satirical take on marketing and entertainment.


41. Professor Moriarty

The arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes in the animated series “Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.”

His cunning mind and rivalry with Holmes add depth to the show.


42. Princess Eilonwy

The courageous and independent princess from Disney’s “The Black Cauldron.”

Her strength and determination inspire viewers.


43. Pteranodon Family 

The lovable family of pterosaurs from “Dinosaur Train.”

Their educational adventures teach kids about prehistoric times and different species.


44. Patamon

 The charming and loyal Digimon partner in “Digimon Adventure.”

Patamon’s adorable appearance and evolving forms have made him a favorite.


45. Pepper Ann

The feisty and relatable teenager from “Pepper Ann.”

Her misadventures and coming-of-age struggles resonated with young viewers.


46. Panini

The adoring stalker of Chowder in “Chowder.”

Her obsession and comic antics added a humorous dynamic to the show.


47. Professor Coldheart

The cold and calculating villain from “Care Bears.”

His plots to bring misery to the Care Bears were a central element of the series.


48. Pierre 

The cheerful and culinary-inclined chef mouse from “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.”

Pierre’s upbeat personality and culinary skills were a hit.


49. Papí

The adventurous and protective dog from “The Wild Thornberrys.”

Papí’s loyalty to Eliza and the Thornberry family made him a beloved companion.


50. Pip Pippington

The young and imaginative penguin from “Back at the Barnyard.”

Pip’s flights of fancy and charming personality added humor to the show.


51. Preston Stormer

One of the heroes from “Hero Factory,” Stormer’s leadership and dedication to defending humanity made him a standout character.


52. Polly Pocket

The adventurous and resourceful girl with a magical pocket-sized world in her compact playset.

Polly’s imaginative adventures have inspired kids for decades.


53. Pidgeotto

The evolved form of Pidgey in the Pokémon series.

Pidgeotto’s graceful and powerful flying abilities made it a fan favorite.


54. Pussycat Agent 9 

A secret agent cat in “Danger Mouse.”

This suave character added a cool and mysterious element to the show.


55. Princess Starla

The titular character of “Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders.”

Starla’s magical adventures were filled with friendship and heroism.


56. Polly Esther 

The fashion-conscious character from “Samurai Pizza Cats.”

Polly Esther’s wit and style added a unique touch to the series.


57. Prince Adam/He-Man 

The powerful and iconic hero from “Masters of the Universe.”

His transformation into He-Man and his battle against Skeletor are legendary.


58. Papá Sol

The sunny and nurturing character from “The Book of Life.”

Papá Sol’s love and wisdom were central to the film’s themes.


59. Pidge Gunderson

The tech-savvy Green Paladin from “Voltron: Legendary Defender.”

Pidge’s intelligence and determination were integral to the team’s success.


60. Pinky Buflooms

A quirky character from “The Mighty B!”

Pinky’s eccentricities and interactions with the show’s protagonist, Bessie, were comically endearing.


61. Princess Gwenevere

The strong and determined princess from “Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.”

Her magical adventures empowered girls everywhere.


62. Papa Smurf’s Daughter

A character introduced in “Papa Smurf’s Donkey” in “The Smurfs” series.

Her arrival brought fresh excitement to the village.


63. Pazu

The adventurous and kind-hearted protagonist from “Castle in the Sky.”

Pazu’s determination and bravery are central to the film’s plot.


64. Penny Ling 

The artistic and sensitive panda from “Littlest Pet Shop.”

Penny Ling’s creative pursuits and love for her friends made her a standout character.


65. Pascal

Rapunzel’s loyal and expressive chameleon friend in Disney’s “Tangled.”

Pascal’s nonverbal communication added depth to the story.


66. Perfuma

A member of the Princess Alliance in “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.”

Perfuma’s connection with nature and her gentle yet fierce spirit are inspiring.


67. Princess Ilene 

The benevolent and powerful ruler in “The Legend of Prince Valiant.”

Ilene’s wisdom and leadership are pivotal in the series.


68. Panthro

A classic character from the animated series “ThunderCats.”

His brawn and intelligence contributed to the team’s adventures.


69. Pipsqueak

The fearless and pint-sized pony from “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”

Pipsqueak’s courage and determination in the face of challenges were heartwarming.


70. Pancada

The accident-prone sloth from “The Wild.”

Pancada’s slapstick humor added laughter to the film’s jungle escapades.


71. Professor MacKrill

The knowledgeable scientist from “The Pebble and the Penguin.”

MacKrill’s guidance and friendship with the penguins were heartwarming.


72. Panthro

The intellectual and technical genius in the “ThunderCats” reboot.

Panthro’s mechanical skills were indispensable to the team’s survival.


73. Papa

The wise and loving father of Smurf in the classic “The Smurfs” series.

Papa Smurf’s guidance and wisdom made him a beloved father figure to all.


74. Peter Parker/Spider-Man

The iconic Marvel character whose adventures have been adapted into various animated series.

Spider-Man’s wit, responsibility, and heroic deeds make him an enduring favorite.


My Take on Cartoon Characters that Start with P

We’ve reached the end of our animated odyssey through the colorful realm of “P” characters, and what a fantastic ride it’s been!

These characters have brought laughter, tears, and inspiration to our lives over the years.

From the evergreen classics to the fresh faces of recent animations, these characters have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting old friends and making new ones, and that this list has ignited your passion for the incredible world of animation.

As we say goodbye to our “P” characters, we look forward to more adventures, laughter, and heartwarming moments that the world of animation will continue to provide.

Until our next journey through the animated wonderland, keep the magic of cartoons alive in your hearts! 


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Cartoon Characters that Start with P

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