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100 Exciting Cartoon Characters that Start with H

100 Cartoon Characters that Start with H

Step into the colorful world of cartoon characters whose names begin with the letter “H”!

From beloved classics to modern gems, these characters have captured our hearts with their unique personalities, heartwarming stories, and comedic antics.

Whether you’re a fan of timeless shows or new animated adventures, you’re in for a treat as we journey through a diverse array of characters that all share a common initial.

So, let’s embark on this delightful journey and get to know some of the most memorable “H” characters in the world of animation!


Cartoon Characters that Start with H


  1. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
  2. Hello Kitty
  3. He-Man (Masters of the Universe)
  4. Hank Hill (King of the Hill)
  5. Huckleberry Hound
  6. Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series)
  7. Hong Kong Phooey
  8. Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
  9. Hades (Hercules: The Animated Series)
  10. Hazel (Littlest Pet Shop)
  11. Hector Con Carne (Evil Con Carne)
  12. Hawkman (Justice League Unlimited)
  13. Horace N. Buggy (The Huckleberry Hound Show)
  14. Hazel the Witch (Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet)
  15. Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes)
  16. Hunter (Road Rovers)
  17. Hilda (Hilda)
  18. Hoss Delgado (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
  19. Henrietta Hippo (New Zoo Revue)
  20. Hazel Charming (Enchantimals)
  21. Hissy (Puppy Dog Pals)
  22. Hunk (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
  23. Hoot Kloot
  24. Honker Muddlefoot (Darkwing Duck)
  25. Hunkahunka (Space Goofs)
  26. Holly Hobbie
  27. Ham (Space Chimps)
  28. Huxley Pig
  29. Harry D. Rabbit (Once Upon a Forest)
  30. Harvey Kinkle (Sabrina: The Animated Series)
  31. Huggins (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
  32. Happosai (Ranma ½)
  33. Henry Hawk (Looney Tunes)
  34. Hammerhead (Street Sharks)
  35. Hamtaro (Hamtaro)
  36. Hissy (Puppy Dog Pals)
  37. Hot Spot (Teen Titans)
  38. High Five Ghost (Regular Show)
  39. Henry Armadillo (Toot & Puddle)
  40. Hare (MGM)
  41. Harvey Birdman (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law)
  42. Hairball (Pound Puppies)
  43. Hansel (Hansel and Gretel: An Opera Fantasy)
  44. Hellboy (Hellboy: Animated)
  45. Humphrey (Sofia the First)
  46. Hookfang (Dragons: Race to the Edge)
  47. Hugo the Abominable Snowman (Hugo the Hippo)
  48. Humpty Dumpty (Mother Goose and Grimm)
  49. Hawk (Silverhawks)
  50. Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6: The Series)
  51. Hank the Ranger (Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa)
  52. Hazel the Witch (Broom-Stick Bunny)
  53. Hard Luck Duck (Tiny Toon Adventures)
  54. Hornswoggle (The Get Along Gang)
  55. Hissy (Fancy Nancy)
  56. Hayley Smith (American Dad!)
  57. Henery Hawk (Looney Tunes)
  58. Honeysuckle Weeks (Stressed Eric)
  59. Hades (Hercules: The Animated Series)
  60. Handy (The Legend of Tarzan)
  61. Howler (Jumanji)
  62. Hank (Gumby)
  63. Horn (The Tick)
  64. Hissy (Mickey and the Roadster Racers)
  65. Hildy Gloom (The 7D)
  66. Harvey Bullock (Batman: The Animated Series)
  67. Howard the Duck (Howard the Duck)
  68. Hamilton Hocks (Bunsen Is a Beast)
  69. Hogatha (The Smurfs)
  70. Hippy (Tom & Jerry Kids)
  71. Hippety Hopper (Looney Tunes)
  72. Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)
  73. Hiro (Thomas & Friends)
  74. Herman Munster (The Munsters)
  75. Hodge Podge (Littlest Pet Shop)
  76. Harry (Dennis the Menace)
  77. Hermey the Elf (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
  78. Hilly (Kissyfur)
  79. Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn)
  80. Hotstreak (Static Shock)
  81. Huckle Cat (The Busy World of Richard Scarry)
  82. Hoss (The Hillbilly Bears)
  83. Huggy (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)
  84. Happy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  85. Horace Horsecollar (Disney)
  86. Huckleberry Pie (Strawberry Shortcake)
  87. Heckle and Jeckle
  88. Harriet Hippo (Timon & Pumbaa)
  89. Haggis (Furze Bandits)
  90. Hubie (The Pebble and the Penguin)
  91. Hector the Bulldog (Looney Tunes)
  92. Honey Bunny (Looney Tunes)
  93. Hugo A-Go-Go (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  94. Hoss (The Hillbilly Bears)
  95. Happy Hapgood (Darkwing Duck)
  96. Humphrey Dumpler (Little Lulu)
  97. Horace (101 Dalmatians: The Series)
  98. Holly (King of the Hill)
  99. Hubie (Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales)
  100. Hoppy (Capitol Critters)


 1. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons):

Meet Homer Simpson, the lovably quirky patriarch of the iconic Simpson family.

With his unmistakable catchphrase “D’oh!” and his penchant for getting into hilarious predicaments, he’s the heart of the long-running animated series.


2. Hello Kitty:

Say hello to Hello Kitty, the adorable white cat with a bow on her ear!

This worldwide sensation has been bringing smiles to people of all ages for years with her cute and charming adventures.


3. He-Man (Masters of the Universe):

By the power of Grayskull! He-Man is the mighty defender of Eternia, armed with his sword and immense strength.

With his distinctive look and heroic deeds, he’s a true ’80s icon.


4. Hank Hill (King of the Hill):

Hank Hill is the down-to-earth and well-intentioned dad from the animated sitcom “King of the Hill.”

With his strong sense of ethics and hilarious interactions with his quirky family and friends, he’s a true Texan classic.


5. Huckleberry Hound:

Y’all meet Huckleberry Hound, the easygoing and affable blue dog.

He’s known for his slow drawl and his calm demeanor, making him a beloved character from the golden age of cartoons.


6. Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series):

Get ready for some mischief! Harley Quinn, originally introduced in “Batman: The Animated Series” is the exuberant and often chaotic partner-in-crime to the Joker.

Her unique personality and wild antics have made her a fan favorite.


7. Hong Kong Phooey:

Here comes Hong Kong Phooey, the bumbling yet lovable kung fu-fighting dog!

With his iconic red outfit and hilariously clumsy style, he’s been entertaining audiences with his comedic adventures.


8. Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon):

Meet Hiccup, the inventive and compassionate hero of the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise.

He proves that strength comes in many forms, especially when you’re a dragon rider!


9. Hades (Hercules: The Animated Series):

Step into the underworld and meet Hades, the sarcastic and scheming god of the dead.

His witty banter and quest for power make him a memorable antagonist in the world of Greek mythology.


10. Hazel (Littlest Pet Shop):

Say hello to Hazel, a lovable and imaginative character from “Littlest Pet Shop.”

Her creative spirit and zest for adventure make her a true friend to her animal companions.


11. Hector Con Carne (Evil Con Carne):

Say hi to Hector Con Carne, the charismatic yet villainous brain who’s transplanted onto a bear’s body in “Evil Con Carne.”

With his dark humor and supervillain ambitions, he’s an unforgettable character.


12. Hawkman (Justice League Unlimited):

Soar into action with Hawkman, a fierce winged warrior from “Justice League Unlimited.”

With his mace and Nth metal harness, he fights for justice alongside his super-powered comrades.


13. Horace N. Buggy (The Huckleberry Hound Show): Meet Horace N. Buggy, the quirky beetle from “The Huckleberry Hound Show.”

His wacky adventures and humorous interactions have brought joy to generations.


14. Hazel the Witch (Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet):

Gather ’round the cauldron with Hazel the Witch from “Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet.”

Her comedic spells and hilarious antics add a magical touch to the Looney Tunes universe.


15. Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes):

Join the imaginative world of “Calvin and Hobbes” with Hobbes, the wise and witty stuffed tiger.

He’s the perfect companion to Calvin’s imaginative escapades.


16. Hunter (Road Rovers):

Get ready to roll with Hunter, a brave dog with a cybernetic eye from “Road Rovers.”

His high-tech abilities and canine charm make him a standout character.


17. Hilda (Hilda):

Embark on fantastical adventures with Hilda, the adventurous young girl from the animated series “Hilda.”

Her curiosity and bravery lead her to encounters with mythical creatures and mysterious worlds.


18. Hoss Delgado (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy):

Say hello to Hoss Delgado, the rough-and-tough supernatural warrior from “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”.

With his no-nonsense attitude, he’s always ready to battle the forces of darkness.


19. Henrietta Hippo (New Zoo Revue):

Welcome to the “New Zoo Revue” where you’ll find Henrietta Hippo, a friendly and creative character who brings joy to kids with her imaginative play.


20. Hazel Charming (Enchantimals):

Join the magical world of Enchantimals with Hazel Charming, a fairy who shares a special bond with her animal best friend.

Their friendship and adventures warm the heart.


21. Hissy (Puppy Dog Pals):

Meet Hissy, the charming feline character from “Puppy Dog Pals.”

Her delightful personality and playful interactions with Bingo and Rolly make her a beloved part of the gang.


22. Hunk (Voltron: Legendary Defender):

Join the space-faring adventure with Hunk, one of the Paladins of Voltron in “Voltron: Legendary Defender.”

His culinary skills and big heart make him an essential member of the team.


23. Hoot Kloot:

Here’s Hoot Kloot, the determined and slightly clumsy lawman of the Wild West.

His humorous escapades as he tries to keep the peace will leave you chuckling.


24. Honker Muddlefoot (Darkwing Duck):

Say hello to Honker Muddlefoot, the quirky and nerdy friend of Darkwing Duck’s daughter Gosalyn.

His love for science and his genuine nature make him a standout in St. Canard.


25. Hunkahunka (Space Goofs):

Join the zany space crew of “Space Goofs” with Hunkahunka, the Elvis Presley-loving alien.

His rock ‘n’ roll attitude adds a musical twist to their intergalactic misadventures.


26. Holly Hobbie:

Say hello to Holly Hobbie, the kind-hearted and creative character known for her patchwork dress and warm spirit.

Her love for her friends and her artistic talents shine brightly.


27. Ham (Space Chimps):

Blast off with Ham, the enthusiastic and adventurous chimp from “Space Chimps.”

With his can-do attitude, he’s always ready to explore the cosmos.


28. Huxley Pig:

Join the imaginative world of Huxley Pig, where this charming character’s dreams and adventures take center stage.

His creativity and curiosity are truly endearing.


29. Harry D. Rabbit (Once Upon a Forest):

Meet Harry D. Rabbit, one of the brave young animals from “Once Upon a Forest.”

His determination to save his forest home from a toxic threat shows the power of friendship and resilience.


30. Harvey Kinkle (Sabrina: The Animated Series):

Say hi to Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina’s love interest from “Sabrina: The Animated Series.”

With his laid-back personality and support for Sabrina’s magical mishaps, he’s a true friend.


31. Huggins (Clifford the Big Red Dog):

Welcome to Birdwell Island, where you’ll find Huggins, a playful and caring character from “Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

Her positive attitude shines as she interacts with her animal pals.


32. Happosai (Ranma ½):

Meet Happosai, the eccentric and mischievous martial arts master from “Ranma ½.” His comedic antics and love for women’s clothing add a unique twist to the series.


33. Henry Hawk (Looney Tunes):

Here comes Henry Hawk, the determined yet perpetually unlucky young bird from the Looney Tunes universe.

His quest to catch a chicken is always good for a chuckle.


34. Hammerhead (Street Sharks):

Dive into the underwater adventure of “Street Sharks” with Hammerhead, one of the mutant shark siblings.

His tough demeanor and love for justice make him a fin-tastic hero.


35. Hamtaro (Hamtaro):

Say hello to Hamtaro, the adorable and adventurous hamster from the “Hamtaro” series.

His tight-knit friendship with his fellow hamsters and their heartwarming stories are a delight.


36. Hissy (Puppy Dog Pals):

Join the puppy party with Hissy, the charming and slightly sassy feline friend of Bingo and Rolly from “Puppy Dog Pals.”

Her witty remarks and playful antics steal the show.


37. Hot Spot (Teen Titans):

Meet Hot Spot, the fiery member of the Teen Titans from “Teen Titans.”

With his ability to generate and control fire, he brings both warmth and intensity to the team.


38. High Five Ghost (Regular Show):

Step into the surreal world of “Regular Show” with High Five Ghost, the friendly and easygoing ghost who’s always ready for a fist bump.

His presence adds a ghostly touch to the gang’s adventures.


39. Henry Armadillo (Toot & Puddle):

Embark on charming adventures with Henry Armadillo, a character from “Toot & Puddle.”

His love for exploration and discovering the world around him is truly heartwarming.


40. Hare (MGM):

Meet Hare, the quick-witted and sometimes exasperated character from MGM’s classic cartoons.

His encounters with various foes, including a certain wily coyote, are legendary.


41. Harvey Birdman (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law):

Say hello to Harvey Birdman, the titular character of “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.”

This witty, bird-themed lawyer takes on cases involving familiar animated characters in hilarious legal situations.


42. Hairball (Pound Puppies):

Join the heartwarming world of “Pound Puppies” with Hairball, a playful and mischievous pup.

His adventures with his fellow Pound Puppies will warm your heart.


43. Hansel (Hansel and Gretel: An Opera Fantasy):

Step into the world of opera with Hansel, a character from “Hansel and Gretel: An Opera Fantasy.”

His musical journey alongside his sister Gretel is a treat for the ears.


44. Hellboy (Hellboy: Animated):

Get ready for supernatural adventures with Hellboy, the iconic demon investigator from “Hellboy: Animated.”

His mix of strength, wit, and love for cats make him a truly unique hero.


45. Humphrey (Sofia the First):

Welcome to Enchancia with Humphrey, the wise and encouraging royal steward from “Sofia the First.”

His guidance and warmth contribute to the magical atmosphere.


46. Hookfang (Dragons: Race to the Edge):

Soar into the world of dragons with Hookfang, Snotlout’s trusty Monstrous Nightmare from “Dragons: Race to the Edge.”

Their bond and fiery adventures are truly captivating.


47. Hugo the Abominable Snowman (Hugo the Hippo):

Meet Hugo, the friendly and misunderstood Abominable Snowman from “Hugo the Hippo.”

His journey of friendship and self-discovery is heartwarming.


48. Humpty Dumpty (Mother Goose and Grimm):

Say hello to Humpty Dumpty, the iconic nursery rhyme character who’s been given a quirky twist in “Mother Goose and Grimm.”

His comedic mishaps add a fun spin to the traditional tale.


49. Hawk (Silverhawks):

Join the futuristic adventure of “Silverhawks” with Hawk, one of the cybernetic heroes protecting the galaxy.

With his silver wings and cosmic powers, he fights for justice in space.


50. Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6: The Series):

Dive into the world of science and superheroes with Honey Lemon from “Big Hero 6: The Series.”

Her bubbly personality and scientific genius add a unique dynamic to the team.


51. Hank the Ranger (Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa):

Yeehaw! Meet Hank the Ranger from “Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa.”

He’s a cow-moseying, Western-themed hero who ensures justice is served in his bovine town.


52. Hazel the Witch (Broom-Stick Bunny):

Gather ’round for magical mayhem with Hazel the Witch from “Broom-Stick Bunny.”

Her attempts to outwit Bugs Bunny in the world of witchcraft are a comedic delight.


53. Hard Luck Duck (Tiny Toon Adventures):

Get ready to quack up with Hard Luck Duck from “Tiny Toon Adventures.”

His series of unfortunate events and his hilarious attitude make him a standout character.


54. Hornswoggle (The Get Along Gang):

Join the Get Along Gang with Hornswoggle, the friendly porcupine who teaches valuable life lessons to kids through his adventures.

His positive attitude shines brightly.


55. Hissy (Fancy Nancy):

Say hi to Hissy, the classy and endearing cat from “Fancy Nancy.”

Her love for all things elegant adds a touch of sophistication to the fun.


56. Hayley Smith (American Dad!):

Meet Hayley Smith, the spirited and politically active daughter from “American Dad!”

Her strong opinions and humorous clashes with her conservative family create hilarious moments.


57. Henery Hawk (Looney Tunes):

Here comes Henery Hawk once again, the determined and pint-sized hawk on a mission to catch a chicken.

His persistent efforts and charming innocence are classic Looney Tunes material.


58. Honeysuckle Weeks (Stressed Eric):

Step into the satirical world of “Stressed Eric” with Honeysuckle Weeks, the optimistic character with an unusual name.

Her quirky adventures add a dose of humor to the show.


59. Hades (Hercules: The Animated Series):

Return to ancient Greece with Hades, the sarcastic and flamboyant god of the underworld from “Hercules: The Animated Series.”

His humorous schemes and quick wit are unforgettable.


60. Handy (The Legend of Tarzan):

Swing into the jungle with Handy, a loyal gorilla friend from “The Legend of Tarzan.”

His mechanical skills and dedication to his ape family make him an essential member of the group.


61. Howler (Jumanji):

Get ready for jungle adventures with Howler, a mischievous monkey from the animated adaptation of “Jumanji.”

His antics and playful nature add excitement to the wild world.


62. Hank (Gumby):

Say hello to Hank, a close friend of Gumby from the classic stop-motion animated series “Gumby.”

His loyalty and companionship are cherished by all.


63. Horn (The Tick):

Join the world of superhero satire with Horn from “The Tick.”

This horse-headed hero’s offbeat appearance and humorous escapades add a unique twist to the genre.


64. Hissy (Mickey and the Roadster Racers):

Hissy’s back, this time joining the adventures of “Mickey and the Roadster Racers.”

Her presence alongside her furry friends adds extra excitement to their races.


65. Hildy Gloom (The 7D):

Say hi to Hildy Gloom, the quirky and villainous character from “The 7D.”

Her humorous attempts at causing chaos in the fairy tale world are both entertaining and endearing.


66. Harvey Bullock (Batman: The Animated Series):

Meet Harvey Bullock, the gruff but well-intentioned detective from “Batman: The Animated Series.”

His rough exterior hides a heart of gold as he navigates Gotham’s crime-filled streets.


67. Howard the Duck (Howard the Duck):

Quack up with Howard the Duck, the anthropomorphic duck from various Marvel adaptations.

With his sharp wit and adventures across different dimensions, he’s a true character.


68. Hamilton Hocks (Bunsen Is a Beast):

Join the world of “Bunsen Is a Beast” with Hamilton Hocks, a loyal friend who often finds himself in hilarious situations.

His quirky antics make for lighthearted fun.


69. Hogatha (The Smurfs):

Enter the world of tiny blue creatures with Hogatha, the sorceress character from “The Smurfs.”

Her humorous attempts to thwart the Smurfs’ plans often lead to entertaining outcomes.


70. Hippy (Tom & Jerry Kids):

Say hello to Hippy, the cool and peace-loving character from “Tom & Jerry Kids.”

His laid-back attitude adds a groovy vibe to the animated antics.


71. Hippety Hopper (Looney Tunes):

Get ready to hop along with Hippety Hopper, the adorable kangaroo from Looney Tunes.

His encounters with Sylvester the cat always result in comical chaos.


72. Haruko Haruhara (FLCL):

Step into the surreal world of “FLCL” with Haruko Haruhara, the enigmatic and energetic character who turns the life of Naota upside down with her bizarre antics.


73. Hiro (Thomas & Friends):

All aboard for adventures with Hiro, a wise and gentle steam engine from “Thomas & Friends.”

His lessons about teamwork and perseverance resonate with young viewers.


74. Herman Munster (The Munsters):

Say hi to Herman Munster, the lovable and slightly eccentric patriarch of “The Munsters.”

His kind-hearted nature and monstrous charm make him a memorable character.


75. Hodge Podge (Littlest Pet Shop):

Join the adorable world of “Littlest Pet Shop” with Hodge Podge, the artistic hedgehog with a penchant for creativity.

His imaginative spirit brings color to the pet store.


76. Harry (Dennis the Menace):

Meet Harry, the well-meaning friend of Dennis Mitchell from “Dennis the Menace.”

His involvement in Dennis’s escapades often leads to comedic situations.


77. Hermey the Elf (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer):

Say hello to Hermey the Elf, the lovable character from the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

His desire to become a dentist and his friendship with Rudolph are heartwarming.


78. Hilly (Kissyfur):

Join the adventures of “Kissyfur” with Hilly, a playful and curious bear cub.

His experiences and lessons in the Everglades provide wholesome entertainment.


79. Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn):

Harley Quinn is back in her own animated series, where her mischievous and chaotic personality takes center stage.

Follow her on wild and humorous escapades.


80. Hotstreak (Static Shock):

Step into the world of superheroes with Hotstreak, a fiery villain with the power of pyrokinesis from “Static Shock.”

His intense heat and attitude make him a memorable antagonist.


81. Huckle Cat (The Busy World of Richard Scarry):

Join the bustling world of “The Busy World of Richard Scarry” with Huckle Cat, a curious and friendly feline who explores his vibrant community.


82. Hoss (The Hillbilly Bears):

Say howdy to Hoss, the big-hearted bear from “The Hillbilly Bears.”

His adventures with his hillbilly family in the Ozarks are filled with country charm.


83. Huggy (Lilo & Stitch: The Series):

Get ready for intergalactic fun with Huggy, a charming character from “Lilo & Stitch: The Series.”

As a cousin of Stitch, his antics are out of this world.


84. Happy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs):

Say hello to Happy, one of the beloved Seven Dwarfs from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

His cheerful demeanor and catchy songs spread joy throughout the kingdom.


85. Horace Horsecollar (Disney):

the magical world of Disney with Horace Horsecollar, a classic character from the Mickey Mouse universe.

His charming personality and iconic appearance have made him a fan favorite.


86. Huckleberry Pie (Strawberry Shortcake):

Join the berry-filled adventures of “Strawberry Shortcake” with Huckleberry Pie, a kind and helpful character who’s always ready to lend a hand to his friends.


87. Heckle and Jeckle:

Say hi to Heckle and Jeckle, the witty and mischievous magpies who engage in comedic banter and outsmart their foes in classic animated shorts.


88. Harriet Hippo (Timon & Pumbaa):

Step into the world of “Timon & Pumbaa” with Harriet Hippo, a humorous character who often finds herself in hilarious situations alongside her friends.


89. Haggis (Furze Bandits):

Join the adorable world of “Furze Bandits” with Haggis, the enthusiastic and adventurous hedgehog.

His determination to explore and make new friends is truly endearing.


90. Hubie (The Pebble and the Penguin):

Dive into a heartwarming tale with Hubie, a brave penguin from “The Pebble and the Penguin.”

His quest to win the heart of his beloved Marina is both touching and entertaining.


91. Hector the Bulldog (Looney Tunes):

Say hello to Hector the Bulldog, a loyal and protective character from the Looney Tunes world.

His determination to guard his territory often leads to humorous situations.


92. Honey Bunny (Looney Tunes):

Join the Looney Tunes universe once again with Honey Bunny, a sweet and endearing character known for her appearances in comic books and animated shorts.


93. Hugo A-Go-Go (Rocky and Bullwinkle):

Meet Hugo A-Go-Go, a villainous character from “Rocky and Bullwinkle.”

His quirky inventions and humorous attempts to outwit the heroes add a playful twist to the show.


94. Hoss (The Hillbilly Bears):

Hoss is back for more hillbilly antics! Join him and his family as they navigate the challenges and humor of their rustic lifestyle.


95. Happy Hapgood (Darkwing Duck):

Say hi to Happy Hapgood, the quirky and talkative news reporter from “Darkwing Duck.”

Her energetic personality and wild enthusiasm bring a dose of chaos to the city.


96. Humphrey Dumpler (Little Lulu):

Meet Humphrey Dumpler, a character from “Little Lulu.”

His interactions with Little Lulu and the gang create charming and funny stories.


97. Horace (101 Dalmatians: The Series):

Join the canine capers of “101 Dalmatians: The Series” with Horace, a bumbling character who often finds himself in amusing situations alongside his friend Jasper.


98. Holly (King of the Hill):

Say hello to Holly, the friend of Luanne Platter from “King of the Hill.”

Her appearances bring additional layers of humor and charm to the show’s dynamic cast.


99. Hubie (Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales):

Hubie is back, this time in “Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales.”

His comical adventures with his penguin friend Chumley provide delightful entertainment.


100. Hoppy (Capitol Critters):

Let’s meet Hoppy, a cricket from “Capitol Critters.”

His perspective on life in the big city and his interactions with other critters offer a unique angle on animated comedy.


My Take on Cartoon Characters that Start with H

From the misadventures of Homer Simpson to the imaginative escapades of Huckleberry Hound, these “H” characters have left an indelible mark on animation history.

Their quirks, friendships, and journeys have entertained and inspired audiences of all ages.

As we wrap up our exploration of this animated alphabet, we’re reminded that each character brings something special to the table, whether it’s a lesson in friendship, a dash of laughter, or a heartwarming tale.

So, as we say goodbye to this alphabetical adventure, let’s remember the joy these characters have brought into our lives and look forward to discovering even more animated treasures in the future!


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Cartoon Characters that Start with H