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97 Fun Cartoon Characters that Start with M

100 Cartoon Characters that Start with M

Hey there, fellow cartoon enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the world of animation?

Today, we’re diving headfirst into the delightful realm of cartoon characters whose names begin with the letter ‘M’.

From timeless classics to modern favorites, this list celebrates the diversity and creativity of animated characters.

So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and let’s meet these marvelous 100 characters!

Cartoon Characters that Start with M

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Minnie Mouse
  3. Marge Simpson
  4. Maggie Simpson
  5. Moe Szyslak
  6. Marvin the Martian
  7. Mermaid Man
  8. Mantis
  9. Mater
  10. Mufasa
  11. Mougli
  12. Mr. Incredible
  13. Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl)
  14. Mike Wazowski
  15. Ming-Ming Duckling
  16. Mozo Jojo
  17. Misty
  18. Meowth
  19. Mudkip
  20. Muttley
  21. Manny Rivera (El Tigre)
  22. Meg Griffin
  23. Max Goof
  24. Maximus
  25. Moana
  26. Marlin
  27. Merida
  28. Morty Smith
  29. Mr. Peabody
  30. Mister Magoo
  31. Mighty Mouse
  32. Mordecai
  33. Muscle Man
  34. Morocco Mole
  35. Miss Piggy
  36. Mr. Toad
  37. Marty McFly
  38. Megatron
  39. Minerva Mink
  40. Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog
  41. Mega Man
  42. Mystique Sonia
  43. Mushu
  44. Mavis Dracula
  45. Manny the Mammoth
  46. Miss Bianca
  47. Mushmouth
  48. Muriel Bagge
  49. Marceline the Vampire Queen
  50. Mayor of Townsville
  51. Mr. Jinks
  52. Mumm-Ra
  53. My Little Pony
  54. Miss Spider
  55. Mr. Krabs
  56. Mr. Freeze
  57. Metal Sonic
  58. Miss Bellum
  59. Morgana Macawber
  60. Miss Finster
  61. Mr. Bogus
  62. Marge Gunderson
  63. Max Taylor
  64. Mr. Magorium
  65. Mega Man X
  66. Moxy
  67. Mr. Men and Little Misses
  68. Mega Mewtwo
  69. Mama Mirabelle
  70. Mork
  71. Monterey Jack
  72. Muttley
  73. Michelangelo (Mikey)
  74. Master Splinter
  75. Mako
  76. Machiko
  77. Max Steel
  78. Miss Martian
  79. Major Glory
  80. Miguel Rivera
  81. Morgause
  82. Mona the Vampire
  83. Mung Daal
  84. Misty Knight
  85. Madam Mim
  86. Megabyte
  87. Monkey D. Luffy
  88. Mama Odie
  89. Mole Man
  90. Moray Eel
  91. Mortimer Mouse
  92. Mayor Lionheart
  93. Momo
  94. Mr. Meeseeks
  95. Mighty Orbots
  96. Moe Howard
  97. Mr. Poopybutthole


 1. Mickey Mouse:

We can’t kick off this list without the iconic mouse himself, Mickey Mouse! He’s been bringing smiles to audiences for generations.

Mickey Mouse is an iconic animated character created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.

Debuting in the short film “Steamboat Willie” in 1928, Mickey quickly became the mascot of The Walt Disney Company.

With his distinct high-pitched voice and signature red shorts, Mickey embodies the spirit of fun and optimism.

Over the years, he has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, starring in numerous cartoons, comic strips, merchandise, and theme park attractions.


2. Minnie Mouse:

Mickey’s equally charming companion, Minnie Mouse, deserves a spot right next to him.

Minnie Mouse is Mickey Mouse’s equally iconic companion, introduced alongside him in the animated short “Steamboat Willie.”

Known for her polka-dot dress, bow, and sweet demeanor, Minnie has been a beloved character since her creation.

She often appears in tandem with Mickey, both in animated shorts and various Disney media, showcasing a timeless and endearing partnership.


3. Marge Simpson:

The blue-haired matriarch of the Simpson family, Marge is the glue that holds them all together.

Marge Simpson is a central character in the long-running animated sitcom “The Simpsons.”

As the matriarch of the Simpson family, Marge is known for her distinctive blue beehive hairstyle and her role as a loving, patient, and often long-suffering wife and mother.

Marge provides a stable and caring presence in the chaotic world of Springfield, contributing to the show’s humor and heart.


4. Maggie Simpson:

The youngest Simpson is also the cutest, with her trademark pacifier.

Maggie Simpson is the youngest member of the Simpson family in “The Simpsons.”

Although an infant, Maggie plays a significant role in the show’s humor, often getting involved in comical situations.

Despite her limited verbal communication, Maggie’s actions and expressions contribute to the family dynamics and provide moments of endearing charm.


5. Moe Szyslak:

The grumpy bartender from “The Simpsons” with a heart of gold… sometimes.

Moe Szyslak is the proprietor of Moe’s Tavern in “The Simpsons.”

Known for his gruff demeanor, dubious business practices, and perpetual lack of success in his love life, Moe is a recurring character who adds a unique blend of humor and pathos to the series.

His establishment serves as a popular hangout for Homer and his friends, becoming a staple location in the show’s narrative.


6. Marvin the Martian:

This diminutive extraterrestrial is on a mission to destroy Earth… with his cute little ray gun.

Marvin the Martian is a classic Looney Tunes character created by Chuck Jones.

First appearing in 1948, Marvin is an extraterrestrial with a Roman soldier’s helmet and a distinctive voice.

Often attempting to carry out destructive plans with his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, Marvin’s humorous schemes make him a memorable antagonist in the Looney Tunes universe.


7. Mermaid Man:

From “SpongeBob SquarePants,” this underwater hero has been saving Bikini Bottom for years.

Mermaid Man is a fictional superhero in the animated television series “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Alongside his sidekick Barnacle Boy, Mermaid Man is a retired superhero living in Bikini Bottom.

The character is a parody of classic comic book superheroes, bringing humor and nostalgia to the show through his exaggerated portrayal of a retired crime-fighter.


8. Mantis:

A character from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Mantis has some unique psychic abilities.

Mantis is a Marvel Comics character who has been featured in various superhero storylines.

Known for her empathic and telepathic abilities, Mantis has been a member of superhero teams like the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Her unique powers and complex backstory contribute to the diversity and depth of the Marvel Universe.


9. Mater:

The lovable tow truck from Disney-Pixar’s “Cars.”

Mantis is a Marvel Comics character who has been featured in various superhero storylines.

Known for her empathic and telepathic abilities, Mantis has been a member of superhero teams like the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Her unique powers and complex backstory contribute to the diversity and depth of the Marvel Universe.


10. Mufasa:

The wise and regal lion king from “The Lion King.”

Mufasa is a majestic lion and a key character in Disney’s animated film “The Lion King.” As the father of Simba, Mufasa serves as the wise and noble king of the Pride Lands, imparting valuable lessons to his son.


11. Mowgli:

The adventurous young boy raised by wolves in Disney’s “The Jungle Book.”

Mowgli is the main character in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” and its various adaptations, including the Disney animated film.

Raised by wolves in the jungle, Mowgli experiences a series of adventures with his animal friends and encounters the fearsome tiger, Shere Khan.


12. Mr. Incredible:

The super-strong patriarch of the Parr family in “The Incredibles.”

Mr. Incredible, also known as Bob Parr, is the patriarch of the superhero family in Pixar’s “The Incredibles.”

Endowed with super strength, Mr. Incredible comes out of retirement to face a new threat to the world and reunite with his family of superheroes.


13. Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl):

The flexible and resourceful superhero mom.

Mrs. Incredible, also known as Helen Parr, is Bob Parr’s wife and a superhero with the ability to stretch her body in Pixar’s “The Incredibles.”

As Elastigirl, she takes on a leadership role to save the world while balancing her responsibilities as a mother.


14. Mike Wazowski:

The one-eyed, green, and hilarious monster from “Monsters, Inc.”

Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed, green monster and a central character in Pixar’s animated film “Monsters, Inc.”

As a top-notch scarer alongside his friend Sulley, Mike navigates the challenges of the monster world and discovers the importance of laughter.


15. Ming-Ming Duckling:

One of the adorable Wonder Pets, she’s always ready to save the day!

Ming-Ming Duckling is one of the main characters in the animated children’s series “Wonder Pets!”

With her fellow animal friends, Ming-Ming embarks on rescue missions to help animals in need, promoting teamwork and problem-solving.


17. Mojo Jojo:

The genius monkey villain from “The Powerpuff Girls.”

Mojo Jojo is the main antagonist in the animated series “The Powerpuff Girls.” Originally Professor Utonium’s assistant, Mojo Jojo becomes a super-intelligent, evil simian with a grudge against the Powerpuff Girls.


18. Meowth, the mischievous and talkative Pokémon, is known for its ability to speak human language in the Pokémon animated series. As a member of Team Rocket, Meowth joins Jessie and James in their quest to capture rare Pokémon, often delivering comic relief with its clever and humorous remarks.

19. Mudkip, an adorable Water-type Pokémon, has gained popularity for its cute appearance and the internet meme “So I Herd U Liek Mudkips.” This meme has become synonymous with expressing affection for Mudkip and is often used humorously online.

20. Muttley, the canine companion of Dick Dastardly in the Hanna-Barbera animated series “Wacky Races,” is a small, chuckling dog known for his distinctive laugh. Muttley’s loyalty to Dick and his amusing antics have made him a memorable character in the world of classic cartoons.

21. Manny Rivera, also known as El Tigre, is the protagonist of the animated series “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.” As a teenager with the ability to transform into a powerful superhero, Manny faces the challenge of choosing between good and evil, reflecting on the complexities of morality and family dynamics.

22. Meg Griffin, a member of the Griffin family in the animated sitcom “Family Guy,” is characterized by her awkwardness and struggles with self-esteem. Despite the comedic nature of the show, Meg’s character often explores themes of adolescence, identity, and societal expectations.

23. Max Goof, the son of Goofy in Disney’s animated universe, has appeared in various films and TV shows. Max’s coming-of-age journey, particularly in “A Goofy Movie,” highlights themes of father-son relationships and self-discovery.

24. Maximus, the loyal horse in Disney’s “Tangled,” serves as both a faithful companion to Flynn Rider and a comedic element in the film. Maximus’ animated expressions and pursuit of justice add charm and humor to the adventurous tale.

25. Moana, the titular character of Disney’s “Moana,” is a courageous and adventurous Polynesian teenager. Her journey to save her island and discover her true identity is a tale of self-discovery, empowerment, and the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

26. Marlin, a clownfish and the overprotective father in Pixar’s “Finding Nemo,” embarks on a daring adventure to find his son, Nemo, who is captured by a diver. Marlin’s journey explores themes of courage, trust, and the strength of familial bonds.

27. Merida, the independent and skilled archer in Disney-Pixar’s “Brave,” defies traditional expectations and seeks to control her destiny. Merida’s story celebrates individuality and the importance of understanding and embracing one’s true self.

28. Morty Smith, the teenage sidekick to the eccentric scientist Rick Sanchez in the animated series “Rick and Morty,” experiences a series of bizarre and often perilous adventures across the multiverse. Morty’s character development delves into themes of morality, existentialism, and the consequences of interdimensional travel.

29. Mr. Peabody, a genius dog with his time-traveling machine, is the central character in “Mr. Peabody & Sherman.” As an adoptive father to Sherman, Mr. Peabody’s adventures through history teach valuable lessons about friendship and the consequences of meddling with time.

30. Mister Magoo, a nearsighted and bumbling character, is the protagonist of the classic animated series “Mr. Magoo.” Despite his visual impairment leading to comical misunderstandings, Mr. Magoo remains oblivious to the chaos around him, creating a unique and enduring comedic dynamic.

31. Mighty Mouse, the superhero mouse with super strength and the ability to fly, is a classic character known for his appearances in animated shorts and comic books. Mighty Mouse’s adventures often involve rescuing the helpless and standing up against villains.

32. Mordecai, a blue jay, is one of the main characters in the animated series “Regular Show.” Alongside his best friend Rigby, Mordecai navigates surreal and often supernatural challenges, providing a blend of humor and relatable moments for the audience.

33. Muscle Man, a character from the animated series “Regular Show,” is known for his laid-back attitude and humorous antics. Despite his seemingly slack demeanor, Muscle Man occasionally surprises with moments of depth and sincerity.

34. Morocco Mole, the sidekick to Secret Squirrel in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show,” is a mole who assists in various secret missions. Morocco Mole’s character adds a touch of humor and camaraderie to the espionage-themed show.

35. Miss Piggy, a glamorous and assertive diva, is a prominent character in “The Muppet Show” and other Muppet productions. Her theatrical flair, coupled with a love for Kermit the Frog, creates a dynamic and entertaining persona that has become a pop culture icon.

36. Mr. Toad, the eccentric and impulsive character from Disney’s “The Wind in the Willows,” is known for his love of adventure and fast cars. Mr. Toad’s whimsical escapades add charm and excitement to the classic animated film.

37. Marty McFly, the time-traveling protagonist of the “Back to the Future” film series, is portrayed by Michael J. Fox. Marty’s adventures with Doc Brown in the DeLorean explore themes of friendship, family, and the consequences of altering the past.

38. Megatron, the powerful and tyrannical leader of the Decepticons in the “Transformers” franchise, serves as the arch-nemesis to Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Megatron’s relentless pursuit of power and domination fuels the ongoing battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

39. Minerva Mink, a character from the animated series “Animaniacs,” is known for her beauty and seductive demeanor. Minerva often becomes the object of desire for various characters, leading to comedic situations in the show.

40. Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, a fictional dog from the animated series “Tom Terrific,” serves as the loyal companion to the titular character. Together, they embark on imaginative adventures using Tom Terrific’s magical “thinking cap.”

41. Mega Man, also known as Rockman, is the heroic robot created by Dr. Light in the video game series of the same name. Armed with the ability to absorb the powers of defeated foes, Mega Man battles against the evil Dr. Wily and his army of Robot Masters.

42. Mystique Sonia, a character from the animated series “Hero: 108,” is a mystical and skilled warrior. Her unique abilities and determination contribute to the team’s efforts to protect the Hidden Kingdom from various threats.

43. Mushu, the small and fiery dragon from Disney’s “Mulan,” serves as both comedic relief and a loyal companion to Mulan. Voiced by Eddie Murphy, Mushu’s witty banter and mischievous antics add humor and heart to the animated film.

44. Mavis Dracula, the daughter of Count Dracula in the animated film “Hotel Transylvania,” embarks on her journey of self-discovery as she interacts with the human world. Mavis brings a fresh perspective to the classic vampire narrative, emphasizing themes of acceptance and individuality.

45.  Manny the Mammoth, one of the main characters in the “Ice Age” film series, is a kind and noble woolly mammoth. As a leader among his friends, Manny’s adventures highlight themes of friendship, family, and survival in the prehistoric world.

46. Miss Bianca, a sophisticated and resourceful mouse, is a central character in Disney’s “The Rescuers” and its sequel. As a member of the Rescue Aid Society, Miss Bianca participates in daring missions to rescue those in need, showcasing courage and compassion.

47. Mushmouth, a character from the animated series “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids,” is known for his distinctive way of speaking. His inclusion in the diverse group of friends led by Fat Albert promotes positive messages about friendship and understanding.

48. Muriel Bagge, a character in the animated series “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” is the kind-hearted owner of Courage, a timid and fearful dog. Muriel’s unwavering love and compassion provide a counterbalance to the show’s eerie and surreal atmosphere.

49. Marceline the Vampire Queen, a character in the animated series “Adventure Time,” is a half-demon, half-vampire who adds depth to the show’s lore. Marceline’s complex personality, musical talents, and relationships contribute to the series’ emotional depth.

50. The Mayor of Townsville, a character in “The Powerpuff Girls,” is the bumbling but well-meaning mayor who governs the city. Despite his often comical ineptitude, the Mayor is a source of humor and plays a role in the superheroic adventures of the Powerpuff Girls.

51. Mr. Jinks, a character from the Hanna-Barbera animated series “Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks,” is a scheming cat with a Southern accent. His attempts to catch the mischievous mice Pixie and Dixie often lead to humorous and slapstick situations.

52. Mumm-Ra, the main antagonist in the animated series “ThunderCats,” is an ancient and powerful mummy with the ability to transform into a more menacing form. Mumm-Ra’s quest for ultimate power creates an ongoing conflict with the ThunderCats.

53. My Little Pony, a franchise that includes animated series, toys, and other media, features colorful and magical ponies living in the land of Equestria. Known for its positive messages about friendship and cooperation, “My Little Pony” has garnered a dedicated fan base of all ages.

54. Miss Spider, the gentle and nurturing protagonist of the animated series “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends,” fosters a sense of community among the insects in Sunny Patch. The show emphasizes themes of friendship, cooperation, and acceptance.

55. Mr. Krabs, the money-loving and thrifty crab in the animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants,” is the owner of the Krusty Krab. Known for his comical obsession with money, Mr. Krabs adds a humorous and often eccentric dynamic to the underwater world of Bikini Bottom.

56. Mr. Freeze, the tragic and ice-themed villain in the Batman animated series, has a compelling backstory that revolves around his quest to save his terminally ill wife. Mr. Freeze’s complex character explores themes of love, loss, and the consequences of desperate actions.

57. Metal Sonic, a robotic counterpart to Sonic the Hedgehog in the “Sonic the Hedgehog” video game series, serves as a formidable adversary to the iconic blue hedgehog. Metal Sonic’s sleek design and high-speed capabilities make him a memorable antagonist in the Sonic franchise.

58. Miss Bellum, a character from “The Powerpuff Girls,” is the competent and efficient assistant to the Mayor of Townsville. Although her face is often unseen, Miss Bellum’s intelligence and resourcefulness contribute to the smooth functioning of Townsville.

59. Morgana Macawber, a character in the animated series “Darkwing Duck,” is a sorceress with a mischievous streak. Despite her magical abilities, Morgana’s relationship with Darkwing Duck explores themes of love and acceptance.

60. Miss Finster, the strict and authoritative teacher in the animated series “Recess,” keeps a watchful eye on the students of Third Street School. While initially portrayed as a disciplinarian, Miss Finster’s character evolves to reveal a more compassionate side.

61. Mr. Bogus, the titular character of the animated series “Mr. Bogus,” is a small, blue, and mischievous creature who navigates the challenges of the human world, often leading to humorous and entertaining situations. The show follows Mr. Bogus as he interacts with everyday objects and people, turning ordinary situations into comedic adventures.

62. Marge Gunderson, portrayed by Frances McDormand in the film “Fargo,” is the pregnant police chief investigating a series of crimes in a small Minnesota town. Marge’s no-nonsense attitude, intelligence, and distinctive accent contribute to her iconic status in the crime thriller genre.

63. Max Taylor, the protagonist in the animated series “Dinosaur King,” is a young boy with the ability to control dinosaurs through a special card game. Max’s adventures revolve around the discovery of mysterious dinosaur cards and the ensuing battles against those who seek to misuse their power.

64. Mr. Magorium, the eccentric and magical toy store owner played by Dustin Hoffman in the film “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium,” brings enchantment and whimsy to the lives of those around him. The film explores themes of imagination, change, and the magic of believing in oneself.

65. Mega Man X, the upgraded version of the classic Mega Man character, is the protagonist of the “Mega Man X” video game series. Designed for greater combat capabilities, Mega Man X battles against powerful Mavericks to maintain peace in a world populated by humans and intelligent robots.

66. Moxy, the lively and optimistic UglyDoll, is the central character in the animated film “UglyDolls.” Voiced by Kelly Clarkson, Moxy embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, challenging traditional notions of beauty and conformity.

67. Mr. Men and Little Misses, a collection of characters created by Roger Hargreaves, features a diverse cast of anthropomorphic beings with distinct personalities and traits. Each character, from the cheerful Mr. Happy to the shy Little Miss Shy, stars in their own whimsical stories that often convey valuable life lessons.

68. Mega Mewtwo, a powerful Psychic-type Pokémon, is one of the legendary Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise. Known for its immense psychic abilities, Mega Mewtwo plays a significant role in Pokémon battles and lore.

69. Mama Mirabelle, the wise and nurturing elephant matriarch, is the main character in the animated series “Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies.” Using her collection of nature videos, Mama Mirabelle educates and entertains her animal friends, fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder.

70. Mork, portrayed by Robin Williams in the sitcom “Mork & Mindy,” is an alien from the planet Ork sent to Earth to observe human behavior. Mork’s childlike innocence, humor, and unique perspective on life make him a beloved character in the realm of science fiction sitcoms.

71. Monterey Jack, a character in the animated series “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers,” is an adventurous and cheese-loving mouse. As a member of the Rescue Rangers, Monterey Jack contributes his strength and bravery to various missions, showcasing the camaraderie among the anthropomorphic animal team.

72. Muttley, the iconic canine character in various Hanna-Barbera animated series, is best known for his distinctive laugh. Muttley serves as the sidekick to the villain Dick Dastardly in shows like “Wacky Races” and “Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines,” adding comedic elements to their schemes.

73. Michelangelo (Mikey), one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is known for his laid-back and fun-loving personality. As the team’s comic relief, Mikey wields nunchaku and brings a sense of humor to their crime-fighting adventures.

74. Master Splinter, the wise and skilled rat sensei in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, serves as a mentor and father figure to the turtles. With his martial arts expertise, Splinter guides Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael in their quest to defend New York City.

75. Mako, a character in “The Legend of Korra,” is a skilled water bender and later a fire bender. As a central figure in the series, Mako’s journey explores themes of love, loyalty, and personal growth amidst the evolving world of bending.

76. Machiko, a character in the “Predator” comic book series, is a skilled warrior who earns the respect of the Yautja, or Predators. Machiko’s unique relationship with the Predators sets her apart in the lore of the franchise.

77. Max Steel, the titular character of the animated series and action figure line, is a teenage superhero with the ability to generate powerful energy. Max Steel uses his unique powers to battle villains and save the world.

78. Miss Martian, also known as M’gann M’orzz, is a superhero in the DC Comics universe and a member of the Teen Titans and Young Justice. As a shape-shifter with Martian origins, Miss Martian uses her abilities for heroism and justice.

79. Major Glory, a character in “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “The Justice Friends,” is a patriotic superhero with super strength and an unwavering sense of justice. Major Glory, along with his superhero companions, fights for truth and righteousness.

80. Miguel Rivera, the protagonist of Disney-Pixar’s “Coco,” embarks on a vibrant journey in the Land of the Dead to uncover family secrets and pursue his passion for music. The film celebrates Mexican culture and the importance of family and remembrance.

81. Morgause, a character in Arthurian legend, is often depicted as the sister of Morgan le Fay. Her complex relationships with other characters contribute to the intrigue and drama in Arthurian tales.

82. Mona the Vampire, the titular character of the animated series, is an imaginative young girl who believes she has supernatural powers. With her friends, Mona embarks on adventures to investigate and solve mysteries in her neighborhood.

83. Mung Daal, a character in the animated series “Chowder,” is the owner and chef of Mung Daal’s Catering Company. Mung Daal serves as a mentor to Chowder, the young apprentice chef, guiding him through culinary escapades.

84. Misty Knight, a Marvel Comics character, is a skilled detective and martial artist. Known for her bionic arm, Misty Knight is often associated with street-level superhero stories and has appeared in various comic series.

85. Madam Mim, a character in Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone,” is a whimsical and shape-shifting sorceress. Her magical duel with Merlin provides comedic moments in the animated film.

86. Megabyte, the main antagonist in the animated series “ReBoot,” is a computer virus seeking to dominate the digital world of Mainframe. Megabyte’s cunning and technological prowess make him a formidable adversary for the show’s protagonists.

87. Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the anime and manga series “One Piece,” is a determined and adventurous pirate with the ability to stretch his body like rubber. Luffy’s goal is to become the Pirate King and find the legendary One Piece treasure.

88. Mama Odie, a character in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog,” is a mystical and wise voodoo priestess. Mama Odie guides Tiana and Prince Naveen on their journey to break the curse that turned them into frogs.

89. Mole Man, a Marvel Comics character, is the ruler of the Subterranean, an underground realm inhabited by various monsters. Mole Man’s character often intersects with superhero stories, particularly those involving the Fantastic Four.

90. Moray Eel, a character in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” is a fierce and territorial underwater creature. Moray Eel serves as a minor antagonist in the animated film.

91. Mortimer Mouse, a Disney character, is known for his rivalry with Mickey Mouse. Although not as popular as Mickey, Mortimer has made appearances in various animated shorts and comic strips.

92. Mayor Lionheart, a character in Disney’s “Zootopia,” is the mayor of the city of Zootopia. His leadership is put to the test as the city faces challenges related to the mysterious disappearance of predators.

93. Momo, a character in the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” is a winged lemur and companion to Aang and his friends. Momo adds charm and comedic moments to the group’s adventures.

94. Mr. Meeseeks, a character in the animated series “Rick and Morty,” is a blue, humanoid creature created to fulfill a single task. Mr. Meeseeks’ existence is tied to completing the task, and their quirky personalities lead to humorous situations.

95. Mighty Orbots, the titular characters of the animated series “Mighty Orbots,” are a group of robots that combine to form a powerful giant robot. Together, they defend the galaxy against various threats.

96. Moe Howard, one of the Three Stooges, is known for his comedic antics and slapstick humor. Moe’s distinctive bowl haircut and exaggerated gestures contribute to the classic comedy of the trio.

97. Mr. Poopybutthole, a character in “Rick and Morty,” is a friendly and supportive creature with a unique appearance. Mr. Poopybutthole often breaks the fourth wall and provides comedic moments in the show.


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My Take on Cartoon Characters that Start with M


That’s quite a list of lovable, quirky, and iconic characters whose names start with the letter ‘M’.

Whether you grew up watching these characters on Saturday morning cartoons or you’ve recently discovered them in more modern shows and movies, there’s something truly magical about the world of animation.

These characters have captured our hearts and made us laugh, cry, and cheer along with their adventures.


Do you have a favorite ‘M’ character that didn’t make the list? Share it with us in the comments below!

And, if you’re feeling nostalgic or curious, consider revisiting some of these classic cartoons to relive the magic all over again.


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Fun-Loving Cartoon Characters that Start with M