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63 Great Cartoon Characters that Start with T

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Cartoon Characters that Start with T

Cartoon characters have long been a source of joy, laughter, and inspiration for audiences of all ages.

Whether it’s the mischievous cat and mouse duo of Tom and Jerry, the lovable bear Winnie the Pooh, or the action-packed adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these characters have left an indelible mark on the world of animation.

In this list of 63 cartoon characters whose names start with the letter “T,” we will delve into the colorful and diverse world of animation.

Each character brings its own unique charm, and together they represent the creativity and imagination that go into creating these beloved animated icons.


Cartoon Characters that Start with T


Cartoon characters starting with the letter T-

1. Tom (Tom and Jerry):

Tom is a mischievous cat who is in constant pursuit of Jerry, a clever and elusive mouse.

Their endless antics and chases provide the basis for the classic “Tom and Jerry” series.


2. Tweety Bird (Looney Tunes):

Tweety Bird, often referred to simply as Tweety, is a yellow canary known for its cuteness and innocence.

Tweety frequently finds itself being pursued by Sylvester the cat but always manages to outsmart him.


3. Tigger (Winnie the Pooh):

Tigger is an exuberant and bouncy tiger who resides in the Hundred Acre Wood.

He’s known for his enthusiasm, love of bouncing, and distinctive catchphrase, “T-T-F-N, ta-ta for now!”


4. Tasmanian Devil (Taz, Looney Tunes):

The Tasmanian Devil, often called Taz, is a whirlwind-like, voracious creature from Looney Tunes.

He’s known for his wild, destructive behavior and signature spinning.


5. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog):

Tiana is the hardworking and ambitious protagonist of “The Princess and the Frog.”

She dreams of opening her own restaurant in New Orleans and goes on a magical adventure that involves a frog prince.


6. Timon (The Lion King):

Timon is a wisecracking meerkat and one of Simba’s loyal friends and advisors.

He’s known for his carefree attitude and famous motto, “Hakuna Matata.”


7. Timmy Turner (The Fairly OddParents):

Timmy is a young boy who has fairy godparents who grant his wishes.

He often uses their magical powers to navigate the challenges of growing up and dealing with his everyday problems.


8. Trixie Tang (The Fairly OddParents):

Trixie is a popular girl at Timmy Turner’s school and also his crush.

She is often the subject of Timmy’s wishes in an attempt to win her affection.


9. The Tick (The Tick):

The Tick is a nigh-invulnerable, well-meaning superhero known for his big blue costume and often comic book-style grandiosity.

He fights crime alongside his sidekick, Arthur.


10. Thumper (Bambi):

Thumper is a playful rabbit who befriends Bambi in the animated classic “Bambi.”

He teaches Bambi about the forest and its inhabitants.


11. Taz-Mania (Taz-Mania):

The show features the adventures of Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, and his family in the fictional land of Tazmania.


12. Tramp (Lady and the Tramp):

Tramp is a street-smart mutt who falls in love with Lady, a refined Cocker Spaniel, and shares a memorable spaghetti dinner with her.


13. Tarzan (Tarzan):

Tarzan is a man who was raised by gorillas in the jungle.

He’s known for his incredible athleticism, ability to swing on vines, and his deep connection with the animal kingdom.


14. Terk (Tarzan):

Terk is a fun-loving and sassy gorilla who is one of Tarzan’s closest friends in the jungle.



15. Tony Stark (Iron Man: Armored Adventures):

Tony Stark is the genius inventor and billionaire who becomes the armored superhero, Iron Man.

In the animated series “Iron Man: Armored Adventures,” a teenage Tony Stark uses his intelligence to battle various threats.


16. Top Cat (Top Cat):

Top Cat, often referred to as T.C., is the charismatic and quick-witted alley cat who leads a gang of cats known as the “Top Cat Gang.”

They often find themselves in humorous situations.


17. Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender):

Toph is a young Earthbender and a key member of Team Avatar.

She’s known for her incredible Earthbending skills and her tough, no-nonsense attitude.


18. Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond):

Terry McGinnis is the futuristic Batman in the animated series “Batman Beyond.”

He takes up the mantle of the Dark Knight in a high-tech, cyberpunk Gotham City.


19. Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic):

Twilight Sparkle is the central character of “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”

She is a studious unicorn who learns valuable lessons about friendship.


20. Trixie Lulamoon (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic):

Trixie is a showmare with a talent for magic tricks and a penchant for self-promotion.

She often appears as both an antagonist and a comedic character in the series.


21. Tygra (ThunderCats):

Tygra is one of the ThunderCats, known for his intelligence, agility, and mastery of the whip.

He’s a loyal member of the team and often serves as a strategist.


22. Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender):

Ty Lee is a skilled acrobat and martial artist who is part of Azula’s team in “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Her unique chi-blocking abilities make her a formidable opponent.


23. Tenzin (The Legend of Korra):

Tenzin is Aang’s son and an Airbending master.

He plays a central role in “The Legend of Korra” as a mentor to the new Avatar, Korra.


24. Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones: The Animated Series):

Tywin Lannister, a prominent character in “Game of Thrones,” is portrayed in this animated version.

He’s the head of House Lannister and plays a key role in the power struggles of Westeros.


25. Turbo (Turbo Fast):

Turbo, also known as Theo, is a snail with a need for speed.

He gains super-speed powers and competes in races in the animated series “Turbo Fast.”


26. Talon (Gargoyles):

Talon is a character from the animated series “Gargoyles.”

He’s a gargoyle who leads the clan in New York and plays a crucial role in the show’s plot.


27. Topanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World):

Topanga Lawrence is a central character in “Boy Meets World.”

She’s known for her intelligence and strong-willed nature.


28. Tito (Rocket Power):

Tito is a laid-back, adult character in the “Rocket Power” series.

He often imparts wisdom to the young characters.


29. Tucker Foley (Danny Phantom):

Tucker is one of Danny Phantom’s best friends and a character in the series.

He’s known for his love of technology and gadgets.


30. Trent Lane (Daria):

Trent Lane is a character from the animated series “Daria.”

He’s the laid-back older brother of Daria’s best friend, Jane.


31. Todd Chavez (BoJack Horseman):

Todd Chavez is a fun-loving and often eccentric character in the adult animated series “BoJack Horseman.”

He’s known for his outlandish adventures and business ideas.


32. Thundarr the Barbarian (Thundarr the Barbarian):

Thundarr is a warrior in a post-apocalyptic world who battles various evil forces.

He’s known for his heroic deeds and a magic-infused Sun Sword.


33. Toad (X-Men: The Animated Series):

Toad is a mutant with frog-like abilities in “X-Men: The Animated Series.”

He is often portrayed as a henchman of the show’s main villain, Magneto.


34. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles):

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

They are skilled in ninjitsu and fight crime in New York City, led by their sensei, Splinter.


35. Trixie (Speed Racer):

Trixie is a character in “Speed Racer” and serves as Speed’s love interest.

She’s known for her adventurous spirit and racing skills.


36. Tommy Pickles (Rugrats):

Tommy Pickles is the adventurous and imaginative baby at the center of the “Rugrats” series.

He often leads his baby friends on exciting adventures.


37. Tito Makani (Rocket Power):

Tito Makani is the wise and easygoing owner of the Shore Shack in “Rocket Power.”

He acts as a mentor to the show’s young characters.


38. Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture):

Terry Bogard is a classic character from the “Fatal Fury” and “King of Fighters” video game series.

He’s known for his red cap, jeans, and his martial arts skills.


39. Tarzan’s Parents (Tarzan):

Tarzan’s parents are characters in the “Tarzan” animated film.

They are shipwrecked on an island, where Tarzan is born and raised by gorillas.


40. Tito Dick “Dickman” Baby (The Nutshack):

Tito Dick, often called Dickman, is a character from “The Nutshack.”

He’s known for his unique catchphrase and animated antics.


41. Toothless (Dragons: Race to the Edge):

Toothless is the Night Fury dragon in the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise.

He’s Hiccup’s loyal and intelligent companion.


42. Tygra (ThunderCats Roar):

Tygra appears in “ThunderCats Roar” as one of the ThunderCats.

He’s known for his mechanical expertise and gadgets.


43. Talon (Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series):

Talon is a character in “Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series.”

He’s one of the anthropomorphic ducks who form a hockey team and fight villains.


44. The Pteranodon Family (Dinosaur Train):

The Pteranodon Family is at the heart of “Dinosaur Train.”

They are a Pteranodon family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs who embark on adventures while learning about different species of dinosaurs.


45. T-Bone (Street Sharks):

T-Bone is one of the titular “Street Sharks,” a group of human-shark hybrids who fight against evil and are known for their love of extreme sports.


46. Turbo (Wacky Races):

Turbo is one of the racers in “Wacky Races.”

He drives the car “Turbo Terrific” and competes against a colorful cast of characters in a series of zany races.


47. The Trombino Family (Freakazoid!):

The Trombino Family is a recurring family of characters in “Freakazoid!”

Each member has their own humorous quirks and bizarre situations.


48. The Terrific Whatzit (Kim Possible):

The Terrific Whatzit is a mysterious and elusive character in “Kim Possible.”

It’s a creature of unknown origin and abilities.


49. Talon (The Owl House):

Talon is a character in “The Owl House” who works at The Knee-Slapper comedy club.

He’s known for his deadpan humor and sarcastic remarks.


50. Tiffany Haddock (Big Mouth):

Tiffany Haddock is a character in “Big Mouth” who becomes friends with the main group of teenagers.

She’s known for her quirky and unique personality.


51. Tammy Gueterman (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee):

Tammy Gueterman is a character in “The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.”

She’s one of Juniper’s school friends and often gets caught up in the show’s supernatural events.


52. Team Go (Kim Possible):

Team Go is a superhero team in “Kim Possible.”

The team consists of various members with superpowers, and they occasionally team up with Kim Possible.


53. Tabby (Sonic Boom):

Tabby is a character in the “Sonic Boom” series, known for her independence and love of treasure hunting.


54. Tito (The Casagrandes):

Tito is a character in “The Casagrandes” and is known for his kind and easygoing personality.

He often provides guidance and wisdom to the young characters.


55. The Tree Huggers (The Simpsons):

The Tree Huggers are a group of environmental activists in “The Simpsons.”

They are passionate about various causes and often stage protests.


56. Tundra Woman (The Venture Bros.):

Tundra Woman is a superhero in “The Venture Bros.”

Known for her cold-themed powers, she is a member of the superhero team, the “Action League.”


57. Tannen (The Penguins of Madagascar):

Tannen is a character in “The Penguins of Madagascar” and serves as one of the zookeepers in the series.


58. Tuddrussel (Time Squad):

Tuddrussel is one of the main characters in “Time Squad.”

He’s a time-traveling agent responsible for fixing historical mishaps.


59. The Tapeworm (American Dad!):

The Tapeworm is a minor character in “American Dad!” Known for its short appearance, it’s humorously portrayed as a character within the digestive system.


60. The Time Slime (Futurama):

The Time Slime is a character from “Futurama” known for its association with temporal distortions and time travel mishaps.


61. The Taylor’s (Squidbillies):

The Taylor family is the central focus of “Squidbillies.” They are a group of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids living in Georgia.


62. Tex Richman (Robot Chicken):

Tex Richman is a character in a “Robot Chicken” skit, parodying the character from “The Muppets.”

He is known for his unapologetic greed.


63. The Time Tra (Family Guy):

The Time Travel Guy is a recurring character in “Family Guy” who often appears to fix or manipulate various time-related incidents.



My Take on Cartoon Characters that Start with T

The world of animation is a rich tapestry of characters, each with its own story, personality, and charm.

The 63 cartoon characters whose names start with “T” showcased in this list are just a small fraction of the vast array of animated characters that have entertained and inspired us over the years.

They remind us of the power of storytelling, creativity, and the enduring magic of animation.

As we continue to enjoy the world of cartoons, may these characters continue to bring smiles to faces young and old, and may new characters join their ranks to captivate and inspire generations to come.


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