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10 Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

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Acrylic painting is one of the most popular types of paint used by artists today.

Artists have had a love affair with acrylics for decades because, in addition to being affordable, they are easy to use and come in an array of colors that allow you to work quickly without any worry about drying time.

There’s no need to wait for your paints or canvas to dry before applying more color!

The best thing about using this type of paint? It dries so quickly that it doesn’t require hours or even minutes when it comes down from your brush into the wet surface.

Not only does this make acrylic paintings easier on everyone involved, but also makes them ideal for beginners who want instant gratification at every turn!


If you’re interested in painting, consider acrylics.

easy acrylic painting ideas

Acrylic paint is water-based and easy to clean up with soap and water.

It has a smooth texture that makes it ideal for detail work or layering colors on top of each other.

The resulting artwork will be durable and can last anywhere from one year to decades depending on the type of surface applied to the canvas.


I am just a beginner at drawing and I do not paint any good.

But still would like to share these paintings.

I used to get mesmerized looking at the paintings on Pinterest and Instagram. So just started on my own.

                Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Drawn on a 4*4 acrylic paper board.

Make the sky from a deep to a light-colored blue paint.

Mark the middle of the flowers yellow and red. Do the rest of the flowers with white.

Draw the stalks and use 2-3 brushes with different stalk-colored paint.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Made on a 4*6 acrylic board for easy acrylic painting ideas.

Draw the flowers and mark the outlines with any color of your choice.

Use white paint to add the white parts of the flowers. No, they are not blank spaces but colored white.

Once the flowers are done, make any geometrical shapes of your choice adding light pastel colors to them.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Board size: 4*6 acrylic canvas.

Draw the face and the hand.

The veil is formed somewhat of circular shapes one after the other.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

A simple yet elegant-looking canvas board.

Draw the leaves, and give them shapes and patterns as you use them.

Once it is done, add some light backgrounds to each.

For most of the background color, I have used white.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Just an attempt to make an acrylic forest paint.

Though could have been much better.

Start with the background trees, once dried, brush up with some white paint lightly.

Carry on with the next batch in similar ways, till your whole forest is done.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

One of my favorite paintings. Drawn on an 8*10 acrylic canvas board.

Draw the woman. Make the skirt as you like.

Fill the background with any contrast or with the shades of your painting.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

My first acrylic painting on a 5*7 canvas board.

Looks very good after finishing but is very easy to paint.

Make the outlines and start painting from the face to the bottom.

Add the geometrical shapes on the background at last.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

I love forests. My yet another try to make a forest landscape.

Once again start with the background. Make the background trees, brush with a white paint lightly after it dries.

Continue till your heart is filled with the forest trees.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

This is my best shot to date. Made on 8*10 acrylic canvas board.

Once the girl is completed, make the background and rub it with a wet tissue to give it a uniform look.

The white hallowed is done later and rubbed with a wet tissue into other colors.

  Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

A neat and clean acrylic painting idea.

This one is not done on any canvas paper but on a good quality A4 size sheet.

For sure make the woman first and add the background and the floor later.


My Take on Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

As stated earlier, acrylic paints are easy to start with because it dries out so quickly making it easy for color layerings.

Other benefits include low odor, no toxic fumes during the application process, availability at many art supply stores, relatively inexpensive price point per bottle, variety of color options available in premixed form as well as individual tubes/paint pots allowing you greater control over your desired hue selection!


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Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

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