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12 Easy Watercolor Paintings For Beginners

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Easy watercolor paintings for beginners are a great way to express your creativity and have fun.

Play with colors and relax your mind.

Watercolor painting is a beautiful and relaxing hobby that anyone can enjoy.

The best thing about easy watercolor painting is that you don’t need any fancy supplies or years of experience to get started. All you need is a few basic supplies and a little bit of patience.

Watercolor painting is a great way to unwind after a long day or simply enjoy the act of creating something beautiful.


Easy Watercolor Paintings for Beginners

Watercolor painting is a beautiful and rewarding hobby, but it can be daunting for beginners. This step-by-step guide will teach you the basics of watercolor painting, from choosing the right supplies to mixing colors to creating your first painting.


1. Choose your supplies

The first step in starting your watercolor painting journey is to choose the right supplies. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy art supplies, but you do need to make sure you have the basic supplies for watercolor painting.

The most important supplies for watercolor painting are:

– Paints: You’ll need a set of watercolor paints. Choose a set of high-quality, artist-grade paints for the best results.

– Brushes: A good set of watercolor brushes is essential for painting with watercolors. Look for brushes made specifically for watercolor painting, with soft bristles and a pointed tip.

– Paper: Watercolor paper is specially designed to absorb and hold water without warping or buckling. Make sure to choose watercolor paper that is heavyweight and acid-free.


Basic Watercolor supplies to start


2. Mix your colors

One of the most exciting parts of painting with watercolors is mixing colors to create new shades. Before you start painting, take some time to experiment with mixing different colors of paint.

To mix colors, start with a small amount of one color on your palette. Then, add a drop of another color and mix them together until you create the shade you want.


3. Paint your first painting

Now that you have all the supplies you need and you know how to mix colors, it’s time to paint your first watercolor painting!

Start by sketching out your design on your watercolor paper. Then, using a light touch, begin painting in the lightest colors first. Build up to the darker colors, adding more paint to your brush as needed.

Don’t worry about making mistakes – part of the beauty of watercolor painting is that mistakes can be easily fixed. If you make a mistake, simply paint it with a new color.


4. Let your painting dry

Once you’ve finished painting, let your picture dry completely before framing or displaying it. Watercolor paintings can take up to 24 hours to dry completely.


Painting is a great way to relax, escape, and find your inner artist.

It doesn’t cost much, takes up minimal space in your home and it’s always there when you need an outlet.

Find the perfect painting for relaxation!

easy watercolour paintings for beginners

I wish I had any video recorded while making it.

It is a 5-10 minute drawing idea using buds.

Draw the branches first. You can use a Brustro Technical No. 8 pen for it.

Then dip a bunch of earbuds in red color and stamp the red flowers

Then dip the bunch of buds in pink color and do the same for stamping the pink flowers.

Then take a different bunch of buds for the white color.

Repeat the process if you need more flowers.


easy watercolour paintings for beginners

Start by brushing the orange color from the right bottom of the page and brushing it up diagonally.

Start brushing the red color from the top left of the page coming up to the middle.

Brush more yellow color starting from the right bottom of the page and going up to the top left while blending it.

Once again Brustro pen has been used alongside white fabric color for the bulb.



easy watercolour paintings for beginners


First, draw the girl and mark up where the bridge ends in the middle.

Brush up the orange color and a bit of the blue-colored sky.

Brush the color white on the whole sky blending the orange and blue colors.

At last, I used the orange color with the thumb over the black background to do the fiery field.


easy watercolour paintings for beginners


Start painting with the green color from the middle of the page going to the top right. End the top right of the page with the blue color.

Brush the whole sky with the white color blending it.

For the white snow cap, a white acrylic color is used.


Easy Watercolor Paintings For Beginners


First, the sky is painted with red and orange color, followed by the road.

Then the brown-colored soil and lastly the trees.


Easy Watercolor Paintings For Beginners

This easy watercolor painting for beginners is done on black paper.

For the snow, white acrylic color is used with the thumb while you can also use cotton.



Nothing could be simpler than this drawing. Draw the sun, branch, and bird first.


Draw the lantern. Do the branches and leaves as you wish.

Start with the greenish-blue sky.

Mark the fairy lights with yellow, white, and red on the branches.


Made pink-colored flower balls. White and red paints are used over the pink color balls to mark them like a flower.

The yellow and pink light-colored backgrounds are done later.


A neat and clean dark watercolor painting. Best for easy watercolor paintings for beginners.

Make the sky a dark blue color while keeping space for the sun.

Mark the trees and the ground with an ivory-black color.


The same blue shade is used for the sky and the ocean.

A water effect where navy blue and white color is used at last.


My Take on Watercolor Paintings for Beginners

Watercolor paintings are relaxing.

Watercolors are a great medium for beginners because the paints are relatively inexpensive, there is a wide variety of colors available, and the paints can be blended to create an infinite number of hues.

If you’re just starting out with watercolors, experiment with different techniques and color combinations to find what works best for you.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to produce beautiful paintings.

Take out your brushes, dip in the color, and start painting.


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Easy Watercolor Paintings for Beginners

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