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20 Best Penguin Crafts to Make With the Kids This Winter

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Penguin Crafts.

Winter is coming and with it the cold weather. Time to start thinking about fun activities to keep the kids entertained during those long winter days.

One option is to make some penguin crafts!

How to make a variety of penguin crafts, both simple and complex, that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

So get your crafting supplies ready and let’s get started!

penguin crafts to make


1. Penguin Finger Puppets

penguin crafts to make

– These simple finger puppets are a great way to bring your child’s favorite animal to life.

Adorable felt puppets make a great handmade gift too for the little ones.

Get your kids involved in making their own animal finger puppets.



2. Penguin Craft Stick Puppets

Penguin Craft Stick Puppets

Kids love popsicle sticks.

Why not make some cute popsicle stick penguin crafts for them?

A fun way to bring penguins to life is with these craft stick puppets. They’re perfect for little hands to play with.



3. DIY Penguin Stuffed Animals

DIY Penguin Stuffed Animals

If your child loves stuffed animals, they’ll adore these DIY penguins.

They’re soft, cuddly, and oh-so-huggable.



4. Penguin Suncatchers

Penguin Suncatchers

These pretty suncatchers are a great way to brighten up any room.



5. Penguin Ornaments

Penguin Ornaments

These festive ornaments are perfect for trimming the tree or giving as gifts.



6. Penguin Footprint Craft

Penguin Footprint Craft

This fun craft is a great way to capture your child’s footprints and turn them into cute little penguins.



7. Penguin Handprint Art

Penguin Handprint Art

Another great way to create art with your child’s handprints is by making these adorable penguins.



8. Coffee Filter Penguins

Coffee Filter Penguins

These coffee filter penguins are so simple and fun to make.



9. Egg Carton Penguins

Egg Carton Penguins

These egg carton penguins are too cute!

They’re perfect for a winter-themed craft project.



10. Clothespin Penguins

Clothespin Penguins

These clothespin penguins are an easy and fun way to add some whimsy to your child’s clothesline.



11. Penguin Paper Plate Craft

Penguin Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate craft is a great way to recycle some common household items.



12. A puffy penguin art

A puffy penguin art

A puffy penguin paint for toddlers.

This project is a fun and easy way for your child to create their own penguin art.



13. Bulletin Board Penguins

Bulletin Board Penguins

This bulletin art project is a great way to create some fun and festive penguin artwork.

Kids will have fun displaying their own artwork.



14. Stained Glass Penguins


These stained glass penguins are so beautiful and make a great winter decoration.


15. Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

A perfectly cute craft to make with kids.

This popsicle stick craft is a great way to use up those extra popsicle sticks.



16. Yarn-Wrapped Penguins

Yarn-Wrapped Penguins

These yarn-wrapped penguins are so cute and make a great addition to any winter display.

The sweetest and warm penguins you could make.



17. Felt Penguin Craft

Felt Penguin Craft

This felt penguin craft is perfect for kids who love to sew.



18. Button Penguin Craft

Button Penguin Craft

This button penguin craft is a great way to use up those extra buttons.



19. Pipe Cleaner Penguin Craft

Pipe Cleaner Penguin Craft

This pipe cleaner craft is a fun and easy way to make some cute penguins.



20. Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Craft

This toilet paper roll craft is a great way to recycle and create something cute at the same time.



My Take on Penguin Crafts for fun

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and easy penguin crafts that both kids and adults will enjoy.

So put on your crafting hat, gather up some materials, and get started on a few of these projects today.

Who knows?

You may just end up with a new winter tradition.


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