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Easy 7 Steps of Making Rubber Band Balls!

Making of Rubber Band Balls

Hey there, creative minds and craft enthusiasts!

Bouncy rubber band balls.

Remember those days when rubber bands were your favorite playground toys?

Well, now it’s time to take that nostalgia to a whole new level by crafting your very own rubber band masterpiece.

So grab your rubber bands and let’s roll into this exciting journey!


Rubber Band Balls


What is a rubber band ball for?

A rubber band ball is a fun and quirky creation made by wrapping and layering rubber bands around a central core, usually a tightly rolled rubber band.

While a rubber band ball might seem like a whimsical novelty, it serves several practical purposes:

Rubber band balls can serve as fidget toys for both children and adults.



One of the things I found out is that making a rubber ball is truly stress relieving.

It works like one of those stress balls.


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

how to make rubber band balls


Before we get all wrapped up in rubber bands, let’s round up the essentials.

  • You’ll need a stash of rubber bands in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses.

Raid your office supply drawer, scour your stationery collection, or check out your local office supply store for an array of rubber bands to play with.


You can also take rubber bands of different colours like this.

how to make rubber band balls


Step 2: Start Rolling

how to make rubber band balls


Now that you have your rubber bands lined up, it’s time to start rolling!

Begin by rolling a single rubber band into a tight ball.

This will be the core of your rubber band ball. As you roll, you’ll notice that the ball starts to take shape and becomes sturdier with each added layer.



Step 3: Layer by Layer

how to make rubber band balls


The fun part begins as you add more rubber bands to your core.

Stretch each rubber band around the existing ball, making sure they overlap a bit.

This overlapping technique will help secure the rubber bands and give your ball a uniform appearance.

Experiment with different colors and sizes to create a visually appealing and unique pattern.


Step 4: The Rhythm of Relaxation

how to make rubber band balls


As you add layer after layer, you’ll find a soothing rhythm to the process.

The repetitive motion of stretching and wrapping rubber bands can be surprisingly calming.

It’s like a meditative journey, where your only focus is the ball coming to life in your hands.


Step 5: Embrace Creativity

how to make rubber band balls


Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Mix and match colors to create striking patterns or use only a specific color for a minimalist look.

You can even combine rubber bands of varying thicknesses for a textured effect.


Okay, is my ball bouncing?


Well, it is!


Step 6: Share the Joy

how to make rubber band balls


Making a rubber band ball is not just a solo activity – it’s a chance to spread joy!

Invite friends, family members, or even coworkers to join in on the fun.

Share your progress on social media and inspire others to embark on their rubber band ball adventure.

Who knew a simple ball could bring people together?



Step 7: Reveal the Finished Result

how to make rubber band balls


After dedicating some time and love to your rubber band ball, it’s time to bask in the glory of your creation.

Feel the satisfaction of having transformed a collection of rubber bands into a tactile work of art.

Bounce it, display it proudly on your desk, or use it as a stress-relief tool – the possibilities are endless!


If you use some multi-coloured rubber bands then it will look somewhat like this.

how to make rubber band balls


My Take on Making Rubber Band Balls

So there you have it, fellow creators!

Crafting a rubber band ball isn’t just about winding up rubber bands; it’s about winding up memories, joy, and a little touch of nostalgia.

So gather your rubber bands, roll with the creative flow, and let the rubber band ball journey begin!


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