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39 Happy Toys That Start with the Letter H

39 Happy Toys That Start with the Letter ‘H’

In the world of toys, there’s a whole alphabet of fun to explore!

Today, let’s embark on a playful exploration of the letter “H,” unveiling a charming collection of toys that kickstart imagination and delight.

From beloved classics to contemporary gems, this selection promises a diverse range of options to enrich every child’s playtime. Join us on this adventure as we unveil a hundred happy toys, each beginning with the letter “H”!


Toys That Start with the Letter H


Here’s a list of 39 toys that start with the letter “H”:

  1. Hot Wheels cars
  2. Hatchimals
  3. Hungry Hippos game
  4. Hot Wheels track set
  5. Hula Hoop
  6. Hello Kitty plush toy
  7. Hoberman Sphere
  8. Hand puppets
  9. Hobby horse
  10. Happy Meal toys (from McDonald’s)
  11. Hopscotch game set
  12. Horse figurines
  13. Harmonica
  14. Hulk action figure
  15. Hexbug Nano
  16. Hot Potato game
  17. Huffy bike
  18. Harry Potter LEGO set
  19. Harmonium
  20. Helicopter toy
  21. Hexbug robotic spider
  22. Handheld electronic games
  23. Hoverboard
  24. Heelys (shoes with wheels)
  25. Harry Potter wand toy
  26. Horse stable playset
  27. Hot Wheels monster trucks
  28. Hello Kitty playset
  29. Hover soccer ball
  30. Harry Potter board game
  31. Hamster plush toy
  32. Harry Potter dress-up robe
  33. Hot Wheels car carrier
  34. Hatchimals mystery puzzle
  35. Hula Hoop (light-up)
  36. Handprint craft kit
  37. Hovercraft toy
  38. Hornby model train
  39. Horse riding toy


 1. Hot Wheels cars:

Hot Wheels cars


These iconic miniature vehicles are a staple in the toy world, beloved by children and collectors alike.

With a wide range of designs, from classic cars to futuristic concepts, Hot Wheels cars spark imaginative play and thrilling races on tracks and makeshift courses.


2. Hatchimals:

These magical toys captivate children with their interactive hatching process.

The excitement builds as kids care for the egg, and a delightful surprise awaits as the Hatchimal pecks its way out, revealing a charming creature inside that responds to touch and sound.


3. Hungry Hippos game:

Hungry Hippos game


A classic family game that brings out the competitive spirit in everyone.

Players frantically press their hippo’s lever to gobble up as many marbles as possible, creating a fast-paced and entertaining experience for players of all ages.


4. Hot Wheels track set:

These sets take Hot Wheels cars to the next level, offering loops, jumps, and twists that challenge even the most skilled drivers.

Kids can design their own tracks or use pre-designed sets for thrilling races and stunts.


5. Hula Hoop:

Hula Hoop


A timeless toy that provides hours of fun and fitness.

Kids and adults alike can enjoy spinning the hoop around their waist, arms, or legs, mastering tricks and dances while staying active and healthy.


6. Hello Kitty plush toy:

This iconic character has been capturing hearts for decades with her cute bow and sweet demeanor.

A Hello Kitty plush toy is a cuddly companion for fans of all ages, perfect for snuggling up with at bedtime or displaying as a collectible.


7. Hoberman Sphere:

An intriguing toy that expands and contracts with a simple pull, captivating onlookers with its mesmerizing motion.

The Hoberman Sphere is not only fun to play with but also serves as a fascinating educational tool for exploring concepts of geometry and physics.


8. Hand puppets:

Hand puppets


These puppets bring stories to life, allowing children to create their imaginative tales and characters.

Whether putting on a puppet show or simply playing pretend, hand puppets are a versatile and engaging toy for creative play.


9. Hobby horse:

A classic toy that inspires active, imaginative play.

Kids can gallop through imaginary fields and forests, pretending to be cowboys, knights, or princesses, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.


10. Happy Meal toys (from McDonald’s):

These toys have been delighting children for generations, offering a fun surprise with every meal.

From mini figurines to interactive games, Happy Meal toys add an extra element of excitement to the dining experience.


11. Hopscotch game set:

A traditional game that encourages outdoor play and physical activity.

Kids can hop, jump, and balance their way through the hopscotch grid, developing coordination and balance while having fun with friends.


12. Horse figurines:

These realistic figurines capture the beauty and majesty of horses, making them perfect for animal lovers and collectors.

Whether used for play or display, horse figurines inspire a sense of wonder and admiration for these graceful creatures.


13. Harmonica:



Versatile and portable musical instruments that musicians of all ages can enjoy.

With its distinctive sound, the harmonica is perfect for playing blues, folk, and other genres, adding a touch of music to any gathering.


14. Hulk action figure:

This action figure brings the incredible Hulk to life, allowing fans to recreate epic battles and heroic adventures.

With its muscular build and fierce expression, the Hulk action figure is a must-have for any Marvel enthusiast.


15. Hexbug Nano:

These tiny robotic creatures scurry and explore their environment, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of robotics.

With their lifelike movements, Hexbug Nanos provide hours of entertainment and intrigue.


16. Hot Potato game:

A lively and entertaining game where players pass the potato quickly before the music stops.

The anticipation builds as players race against the music, adding an element of suspense and excitement to game night.


17. Huffy bike:

A durable and stylish bicycle that offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

Whether cruising around the neighborhood or tackling off-road trails, a Huffy bike is a fun and reliable mode of transportation for kids and adults alike.


18. Harry Potter LEGO set:

These sets allow fans to recreate their favorite scenes from the Harry Potter series, with detailed LEGO bricks that bring Hogwarts Castle and other magical locations to life.

Perfect for both play and display, Harry Potter LEGO sets are a must-have for any wizarding world enthusiast.


19. Harmonium:

A musical instrument that produces sound by pressing air through reeds, creating a rich and melodious tone.

Popular in traditional and folk music, the harmonium is a versatile instrument that adds depth and texture to any musical performance.


20. Helicopter toy:

Helicopter toy


These toys let kids’ imaginations take flight as they pilot helicopters through the skies.

With realistic designs and spinning rotor blades, helicopter toys provide endless hours of airborne adventure.


21. Hexbug robotic spider:

This robotic spider scuttles and skitters with lifelike movements, offering a fascinating introduction to robotics and technology.

With its creepy-crawly demeanor, the Hexbug robotic spider is sure to intrigue and captivate curious minds.


22. Handheld electronic games:

These portable games offer hours of entertainment on the go.

Whether playing solo or competing with friends, handheld electronic games provide a fun and engaging gaming experience.


23. Hoverboard:



A futuristic mode of transportation that allows riders to glide effortlessly over surfaces.

With its sleek design and intuitive controls, the hoverboard provides a fun and unique way to get around.


24. Heelys (shoes with wheels):

These shoes combine the functionality of sneakers with the fun of roller skating, allowing wearers to glide smoothly along sidewalks and streets.

Heelys are a popular choice for kids and teens looking for a fun and stylish way to get around.


25. Harry Potter wand toy:

These wands are perfect for aspiring witches and wizards, allowing them to cast spells and recreate their favorite moments from the Harry Potter series.

With authentic designs and interactive features, Harry Potter wand toys bring the magic of Hogwarts to life.


26. Horse stable playset:

This playset lets kids create their own equestrian adventures, with a stable, horses, and accessories for grooming and care.

Perfect for horse lovers, the horse stable playset inspires imaginative play and storytelling.


27. Hot Wheels monster trucks:

These oversized trucks are built for off-road racing and stunts, with rugged designs and powerful performances that thrill fans of all ages.

Hot Wheels monster trucks are perfect for creating epic races and daring stunts.


28. Hello Kitty playset:

This playset features the iconic Hello Kitty character in a variety of fun settings, from her bedroom to the playground.

With interactive features and adorable accessories, the Hello Kitty playset offers hours of imaginative play.


29. Hover soccer ball:

This indoor soccer ball floats on a cushion of air, allowing it to glide smoothly over floors.

With its light-up design, the hover soccer ball adds an exciting twist to traditional soccer games, providing hours of active play.


30. Harry Potter board game:

These board games immerse players in the magical world of Harry Potter, with challenges and adventures inspired by the books and movies.

Perfect for fans of all ages, Harry Potter board games offer a fun and engaging way to experience the wizarding world.


31. Hamster plush toy:

These adorable plush toys capture the charm of pet hamsters, with soft fur and sweet expressions that make them irresistible to cuddle.

Hamster plush toys are perfect for animal lovers of all ages.


32. Harry Potter dress-up robe:

These robes let fans of the Harry Potter series dress up as their favorite characters, whether attending a costume party or simply playing pretend at home.

With authentic designs and high-quality materials, Harry Potter dress-up robes add a touch of magic to any dress-up occasion.


33. Hot Wheels car carrier:

This car carrier lets kids transport their Hot Wheels cars in style, with space for multiple vehicles and a sleek design that’s perfect for on-the-go play.

The Hot Wheels car carrier is a must-have accessory for any Hot Wheels enthusiast.


34. Hatchimal mystery puzzle:

This puzzle adds an element of surprise to the traditional jigsaw puzzle, with a Hatchimal hidden inside waiting to be hatched.

As kids piece together the puzzle, they uncover the mystery creature inside, adding excitement and anticipation to puzzle time.


35. Hula Hoop (light-up):

This light-up hula hoop adds a dazzling twist to the classic toy, with colorful lights that illuminate as you spin.

Perfect for nighttime play or adding a bit of sparkle to your hula hooping routine, the light-up hula hoop is sure to impress.


36. Handprint craft kit:

This craft kit lets kids create personalized keepsakes using their handprints.

With easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials needed, the handprint craft kit is a fun and creative activity for children of all ages.


37. Hovercraft toy:

This toy replicates the experience of piloting a hovercraft, with a design that glides smoothly over various surfaces.

With its unique movement and futuristic appeal, the hovercraft toy provides hours of imaginative play.


38. Hornby model train:

These model trains capture the nostalgia of classic railways, with detailed locomotives and carriages that are perfect for collectors and hobbyists.

Hornby model trains are a timeless toy that inspires a love of trains and railways.


39. Horse riding toy:

Horse riding toy


This toy lets kids imagine themselves riding a horse, with a realistic design and sturdy construction that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

The horse riding toy encourages active play and imaginative adventures, making it a favorite among young equestrians.


These toys range from classic favorites to newer, trendy options, offering a wide variety for children of different ages and interests.



My Take on Toys that Start with H

From the high-flying excitement of a helicopter drone toy to the simple joy of a hula hoop, these toys that start with the letter “H” offer endless possibilities for play and imagination.


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