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60 Toys That Start with the Letter P: Perfect Playtime Picks

Perfect Playtime Picks: Toys That Start with the Letter P

Finding the perfect toy for your child can be a delightful yet challenging task.

With an overwhelming variety of options available, it’s helpful to narrow down choices based on specific themes or criteria.

One fun and engaging way to do this is by exploring toys that start with a particular letter. In this guide, we’ll dive into a world of playtime possibilities with toys that all begin with the letter “P.”

From classic favorites like Play-Doh to exciting discoveries like Pop, It fidgets toys, this list is packed with playful picks that promise hours of fun and creativity.


toys that start with P


  1. Play-Doh
  2. Power Rangers action figures
  3. Polly Pocket
  4. Pokemon cards
  5. Playmobil sets
  6. Plush toys
  7. Puppet theatre
  8. Puzzles
  9. Paw Patrol toys
  10. Peppa Pig figures
  11. Pop It fidget toy
  12. Pirate ship playset
  13. Potato Head
  14. Pogo stick
  15. Paper dolls
  16. Plush unicorn
  17. Paint-by-numbers kits
  18. Pillow pets
  19. Play Kitchen
  20. Play tent
  21. Puzzle cube
  22. Plastic animals
  23. Pull-along toys
  24. Pinball machine
  25. Play-Doh kitchen creations
  26. Power Wheels ride-on
  27. Pool toys
  28. Play sets (various themes)
  29. Paper airplanes
  30. Play money
  31. Puppet animals
  32. Playmobil pirate ship
  33. Plush dinosaurs
  34. Plastic dinosaurs
  35. Paint sets
  36. Play-Doh ice cream maker
  37. Pop-up books
  38. Plush tigers
  39. Pretend doctor kit
  40. Play-Doh barber shop
  41. Puppet kits
  42. Playmobil farm
  43. Plush bears
  44. Pretend food
  45. Plastic building blocks
  46. Plush bunnies
  47. Plush cats
  48. Play sand
  49. Play-Doh Dentist
  50. Pop-up play tent
  51. Paper mâché kits
  52. Playmat
  53. Pirate costumes
  54. Play-Doh pizza party
  55. Papercraft kits
  56. Play-Doh tools
  57. Pop-up pirate game
  58. Plastic toy cars
  59. Play-Doh cupcake maker
  60. Plush lions


 1. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is a timeless and versatile modeling compound that has been sparking creativity in children for decades.

Its soft, malleable texture allows kids to shape, mold, and build endless creations, from simple shapes to intricate sculptures.

With a wide array of vibrant colors and themed playsets, Play-Doh not only provides hours of fun but also enhances fine motor skills and artistic expression.


2. Power Rangers Action Figures

Power Rangers action figures bring the excitement of the iconic TV series into the hands of young fans.

These detailed and articulated figures allow kids to reenact epic battles and heroic adventures from the Power Rangers universe.

Each figure represents a different Ranger with unique weapons and abilities, encouraging imaginative play and teamwork.


3. Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket toys are beloved for their compact size and imaginative playsets.

These tiny dolls and their miniature worlds can be easily carried around, making them perfect for on-the-go fun.

With detailed accessories and themed environments, Polly Pocket encourages creative storytelling and role-playing, providing endless entertainment in a small package.


4. Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are more than just collectible items; they are the cornerstone of a popular trading card game that combines strategy and fun.

Kids can collect, trade, and battle with their favorite Pokemon characters, building decks that reflect their personal style and strategy.

The game promotes strategic thinking, math skills, and social interaction, making it a favorite among fans of all ages.


5. Playmobil Sets

Playmobil Sets


Playmobil sets are renowned for their high-quality, detailed figures and accessories that inspire imaginative play.

Each themed set, from pirate ships to modern-day cities, allows children to create and explore their own stories.

Playmobil’s commitment to realism and variety helps kids develop narrative skills and understand different aspects of the world around them.


6. Plush Toys

Plush toys offer comfort, companionship, and endless cuddles.

These soft, huggable toys come in various shapes and sizes, from beloved animals to favorite characters.

Plush toys are perfect for bedtime, playtime, and everything in between, providing emotional support and encouraging imaginative play through role-playing and storytelling.


7. Puppet Theatre

A puppet theatre set opens up a world of dramatic play where children can create and perform their own shows.

Using hand puppets or finger puppets, kids can bring characters to life and act out stories, enhancing their creativity, communication skills, and confidence.

Puppet theatre encourages kids to use their imagination and engage in collaborative play.


8. Puzzles



Puzzles are excellent for developing problem-solving skills, patience, and hand-eye coordination.

Available in various difficulty levels and themes, from simple jigsaw puzzles for toddlers to complex 3D puzzles for older children, they provide a rewarding challenge.

Completing a puzzle offers a sense of achievement and stimulates cognitive development.


9. Paw Patrol Toys

paw patrol toys


Paw Patrol toys bring the beloved animated series to life, allowing kids to join Ryder and his team of rescue pups on exciting missions.

From vehicles to playsets, each toy captures the adventurous spirit of the show.

These toys promote teamwork, bravery, and problem-solving skills as children create their own rescue scenarios and stories.


10. Peppa Pig Figures

Peppa Pig figures are perfect for fans of the popular animated series, allowing them to recreate their favorite episodes and invent new adventures.

These detailed and durable figures of Peppa, her family, and her friends encourage imaginative play and storytelling.

Playing with Peppa Pig figures helps children develop social skills and creativity as they engage in role-playing.


11. Pop It Fidget Toy

The Pop It fidget toy is a simple yet addictive sensory toy that provides endless entertainment.

Made of soft silicone with bubbles that can be popped back and forth, it’s perfect for relieving stress and anxiety.

The repetitive motion and satisfying pop sound can help improve focus and concentration, making it a popular choice for both kids and adults.


12. Pirate Ship Playset

Pirate Ship Playset


A pirate ship playset offers a thrilling adventure on the high seas.

Complete with pirate figures, cannons, and treasure, this playset lets kids create their own swashbuckling tales.

It encourages imaginative play, storytelling, and an interest in history and exploration, as children embark on quests for hidden treasures and epic battles.


13. Potato Head

Potato Head is a classic toy that combines creativity with fun.

With interchangeable parts like eyes, noses, mouths, and accessories, kids can create countless funny and unique characters.

This toy helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking, as children mix and match pieces to bring their Potato Head to life.


14. Pogo Stick

A pogo stick is a fun and challenging outdoor toy that encourages physical activity and balance.

Kids can bounce up and down, trying to see how many jumps they can make in a row.

It’s great for improving coordination and stamina, and it offers a fun way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors.


15. Paper Dolls

Paper dolls are a timeless craft that combines creativity with pretend play.

Kids can cut out and dress these dolls in various outfits, often included in themed sets.

This activity enhances fine motor skills, artistic expression, and storytelling as children create different scenarios and adventures for their paper doll characters.


16. Plush Unicorn

Plush Unicorn


A plush unicorn is a magical addition to any child’s toy collection.

Soft and huggable, these unicorns often come with sparkly details and rainbow colors, making them an enchanting companion for bedtime or imaginative play.

Plush unicorns provide comfort and encourage children to dream and believe in magical worlds.


17. Paint-by-Numbers Kits

Paint-by-numbers kits are a fun and educational way for kids to explore their artistic side.

Each kit comes with a canvas divided into numbered sections, each corresponding to a specific color.

Following the numbers, children can create beautiful, detailed paintings, which helps improve their concentration, patience, and fine motor skills.


18. Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets are plush toys that double as comfy pillows, making them perfect for travel, naps, and bedtime.

These soft, cuddly companions come in various animal designs and provide comfort and support.

They are great for children who love to snuggle and can help make sleepovers and road trips more enjoyable.


19. Play Kitchen

Play Kitchen


A play kitchen set allows kids to pretend they are chefs, cooking up delicious meals and treats.

With realistic appliances, utensils, and play food, these sets encourage imaginative play and role-playing.

Play kitchens help children develop social skills, creativity, and an understanding of everyday activities as they engage in pretend cooking and serving.


20. Play Tent

A play tent provides a special hideaway where kids can let their imaginations run wild.

These pop-up tents come in various themes and designs, offering a private space for reading, playing, or just relaxing.

Play tents are great for indoor or outdoor use, providing a cozy retreat that stimulates creative play and a sense of adventure.


21. Puzzle Cube

A puzzle cube, such as the Rubik’s Cube, challenges kids to solve a complex 3D puzzle by aligning the colored squares on each side.

This classic brain teaser enhances problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and patience.

It’s a great toy for developing critical thinking and perseverance, as children work to master the puzzle.


22. Plastic Animals

Plastic Animals


Plastic animals are durable, realistic toys that inspire imaginative play and learning about wildlife.

Available in various species, from farm animals to exotic creatures, they are perfect for creating miniature zoos, farms, or jungle adventures.

These toys help children learn about different animals and their habitats while encouraging creative storytelling.


23. Pull-Along Toys

Pull-along toys are perfect for toddlers learning to walk and explore their surroundings.

These toys often come in the form of cute animals or vehicles with wheels and a string to pull them along.

They encourage physical activity, coordination, and a sense of independence as young children enjoy taking their pull-along friends on adventures.


24. Pinball Machine

A pinball machine is a classic arcade game that provides hours of fast-paced fun.

Players use flippers to keep a metal ball in play, aiming to score points by hitting various targets.

Pinball machines are great for developing hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and strategic thinking, making them a favorite for all ages.


25. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations sets allow kids to unleash their inner chefs with a variety of kitchen-themed tools and molds.

They can create play food like burgers, pizzas, and desserts, enhancing their imaginative play and fine motor skills.

These sets encourage creativity and pretend play, making them perfect for aspiring little chefs.


26. Power Wheels Ride-On

Power Wheels ride-on toys give kids the thrill of driving their own mini vehicles.

These battery-powered cars, trucks, and ATVs come in various styles and are designed for safe and fun riding.

Power Wheels help children develop motor skills, spatial awareness, and a sense of adventure as they navigate their surroundings.


27. Pool Toys

Pool Toys


Pool toys add extra fun to swimming and water play.

These toys enhance aquatic adventures, from inflatable floats and water guns to diving rings and pool noodles.

They encourage physical activity, coordination, and social interaction, making them perfect for pool parties and summer days.


28. Play Sets (Various Themes)

Play sets with various themes offer endless opportunities for imaginative play.

Whether it’s a space station, a medieval castle, or a jungle safari, these sets come with figures and accessories to create immersive worlds.

They encourage storytelling, role-playing, and cognitive development as children build and explore different scenarios.


29. Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are a simple yet delightful toy that combines crafting with play.

Kids can fold and design their own planes, experimenting with different shapes and techniques to see how far they can fly.

This activity enhances fine motor skills, creativity, and an understanding of basic aerodynamics.


30. Play Money

Play money sets provide a fun way for kids to learn about currency and basic math skills.

Complete with realistic-looking bills and coins, these sets are perfect for pretend play in stores, banks, or any imaginative scenario involving money.

They help children develop financial literacy and numeracy skills in an engaging way.


31. Puppet Animals

Puppet Animals


Puppet animals bring storytelling and role-playing to life.

These hand or finger puppets come in various animal designs and allow kids to create their own puppet shows.

Puppet play enhances creativity, communication skills, and social interaction as children make up stories and perform for family and friends.


32. Playmobil Pirate Ship

The Playmobil pirate ship set is a detailed and interactive playset that takes kids on high-seas adventures.

With pirate figures, cannons, and treasure chests, this set sparks imaginative play and storytelling.

It helps develop fine motor skills and creativity as children navigate their ships through exciting pirate escapades.


33. Plush Dinosaurs

Plush dinosaurs are soft and cuddly representations of prehistoric creatures that kids love.

These toys combine the fascination with dinosaurs with the comfort of a plush toy, making them perfect for both playtime and bedtime.

They encourage imaginative play and an interest in natural history as children embark on dino-themed adventures.


34. Plastic Dinosaurs

Plastic dinosaurs are durable, realistic toys that inspire imaginative play and learning about the prehistoric world.

Available in various species, from T-Rex to Triceratops, these figures are perfect for creating dinosaur habitats and adventures.

They help children learn about different dinosaurs and their characteristics while encouraging creative storytelling.


35. Paint Sets

Paint Sets


Paint sets provide all the tools young artists need to create their masterpieces.

Complete with brushes, paints, and sometimes canvases or paper, these sets encourage creativity and self-expression.

Painting helps develop fine motor skills, color recognition, and artistic techniques as children explore their creativity.


36. Play-Doh Ice Cream Maker

The Play-Doh ice cream maker set lets kids pretend they are ice cream chefs, creating colorful and imaginative sundaes and cones.

With molds and tools designed to mimic ice cream shop equipment, this set enhances fine motor skills and creativity as children mix and shape their Play-Doh into delightful treats.


37. Pop-Up Books

Pop-up books bring stories to life with three-dimensional pages that unfold in stunning detail.

These interactive books capture children’s imaginations and make reading an exciting adventure.

Pop-up books help develop a love for reading and enhance spatial awareness and fine motor skills as kids explore intricate paper engineering.


38. Plush Tigers

Plush tigers are soft, huggable toys that bring the majesty of these big cats into a child’s playtime.

Perfect for cuddling and imaginative play, these plush toys encourage a love for animals and storytelling.

They provide comfort and companionship, making them ideal for bedtime or any time a snuggle is needed.


39. Pretend Doctor Kit

Pretend Doctor Kit


A pretend doctor kit includes all the tools young aspiring doctors need to care for their patients.

With items like stethoscopes, thermometers, and bandages, these kits encourage imaginative play and empathy as children role-play medical scenarios.

They help alleviate fears of real doctor visits and promote understanding of healthcare.


40. Play-Doh Barber Shop

The Play-Doh barber shop set lets kids become hairstylists, creating fun and wacky hairdos with Play-Doh.

Using tools like scissors and combs, they can mold and style hair on the included figures.

This set enhances fine motor skills and creativity as children experiment with different hairstyles and colors.


41. Puppet Kits

Puppet kits provide everything kids need to make their own hand or finger puppets.

These kits often include materials like felt, glue, and decorations, allowing children to craft unique characters.

Puppet-making encourages creativity, fine motor skills, and storytelling as kids design and bring their puppets to life.


42. Playmobil Farm

The Playmobil farm set offers a detailed and interactive rural setting for imaginative play.

With figures like farmers, animals, and farm equipment, this set allows children to create their own farm stories and learn about agriculture.

It encourages creativity, role-playing, and an understanding of farm life.


43. Plush Bears

Plush bears are classic stuffed animals that provide comfort and companionship.

Available in various sizes and styles, these soft toys are perfect for cuddling and imaginative play.

Plush bears often become beloved companions for children, providing emotional support and encouraging nurturing behavior.


44. Pretend Food

Pretend Food


Pretend food sets are perfect for imaginative kitchen play.

These realistic-looking food items, from fruits and vegetables to snacks and meals, allow kids to pretend they are cooking and serving delicious dishes.

They encourage creativity, role-playing, and an understanding of healthy eating habits as children engage in pretend cooking.


45. Plastic Building Blocks

Plastic building blocks are versatile toys that allow kids to construct their own creations.

Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, these blocks encourage spatial awareness, problem-solving, and creativity.

Building with blocks helps develop fine motor skills and provides a fun, hands-on way to explore engineering concepts.


46. Plush Bunnies

Plush bunnies are adorable, soft toys perfect for cuddling and imaginative play.

These cute and huggable rabbits come in various sizes and colors, making them beloved companions for children.

Plush bunnies provide comfort and encourage nurturing behavior and storytelling as kids embark on adventures with their furry friends.


47. Plush Cats

Plush cats are soft and huggable toys that offer comfort and companionship.

These adorable feline friends come in various breeds and colors, perfect for cuddling and imaginative play.

Plush cats encourage nurturing behavior and creative storytelling as children care for and embark on adventures with their plush pets.


48. Play Sand

Play Sand


Play sand provides a tactile and creative play experience, perfect for building and molding.

It’s great for sensory play, helping children develop fine motor skills and creativity.

Play sand can be used indoors or outdoors, allowing kids to create sandcastles, sculptures, and more, enhancing their imaginative play.


49. Play-Doh Dentist

play dough dentist

The Play-Doh dentist set allows kids to role-play as dentists, creating and caring for Play-Doh teeth.

With tools like drills, molds, and braces, children can simulate dental procedures, learning about oral hygiene in a fun and interactive way.

This set promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and an understanding of dental care.


50. Pop-Up Play Tent

A pop-up play tent provides a special hideaway for kids to explore their imaginations.

These easy-to-set-up tents come in various themes and designs, offering a private space for reading, playing, or relaxing.

Pop-up play tents stimulate creative play and provide a cozy retreat for children indoors or outdoors.


51. Paper Mâché Kits

Paper mâché kits offer a fun and creative way for kids to make their own sculptures and crafts.

These kits usually include materials like paper strips and paste, along with instructions for creating different projects.

Paper mâché encourages creativity, fine motor skills, and artistic expression as children design and build their unique creations.


52. Playmat



A playmat provides a soft and safe surface for babies and toddlers to play on.

Often featuring colorful designs and interactive elements, playmats stimulate sensory exploration and motor skills.

They are perfect for tummy time, crawling, and playtime, creating an engaging environment for young children to explore and develop.


53. Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes let kids dress up and embark on swashbuckling adventures.

Complete with hats, eye patches, and swords, these costumes encourage imaginative play and role-playing.

Dressing up as pirates helps children develop creativity, social skills, and a sense of adventure as they create and act out their own pirate tales.


54. Play-Doh Pizza Party

The Play-Doh pizza party set lets kids become pizza chefs, creating their own Play-Doh pizzas with a variety of toppings.

With tools like rollers, molds, and cutters, this set enhances fine motor skills and creativity.

Children can mix and match colors and shapes to craft delicious-looking pizzas, engaging in imaginative play.


55. Papercraft Kits

Papercraft Kits


Papercraft kits provide materials and instructions for kids to create their own paper models and crafts.

These kits often include templates, paper, and glue, allowing children to cut, fold, and assemble their projects.

Papercrafting enhances fine motor skills, creativity, and patience as kids bring their paper creations to life.


56. Play-Doh Tools

Play-Doh tools enhance the Play-Doh play experience, providing various molds, cutters, and extruders for shaping and designing.

These tools allow kids to create detailed and intricate Play-Doh creations, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

With a wide range of tools available, children can explore endless possibilities in their Play-Doh play.


57. Pop-Up Pirate Game

The pop-up pirate game is a fun and suspenseful toy that kids love.

Players take turns inserting swords into a barrel, trying not to make the pirate pop up.

This game encourages turn-taking, fine motor skills, and anticipation, providing exciting and unpredictable fun for children and families.


58. Plastic Toy Cars

Plastic toy cars are durable and versatile toys that provide endless racing and driving fun.

Available in various styles and sizes, these cars are perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

They encourage imaginative play, fine motor skills, and an understanding of vehicles and transportation as kids zoom their cars around.


59. Play-Doh Cupcake Maker

The Play-Doh cupcake maker set lets kids pretend they are bakers, creating colorful and imaginative cupcakes with Play-Doh.

With molds, tools, and decorations, this set enhances fine motor skills and creativity as children mix, shape, and decorate their Play-Doh cupcakes. It’s perfect for imaginative play and pretend baking.


60. Plush Lions

Plush Lions


Plush lions are majestic and cuddly toys that bring the king of the jungle into a child’s playtime.

These soft and huggable lions are perfect for both imaginative adventures and comforting cuddles.

Plush lions encourage a love for animals and storytelling, providing companionship and sparking creative play.




My Take on Toys that Start with P

Choosing toys that start with the letter “P” opens up a playful and imaginative world for children.

Building adventures with Playmobil sets, crafting with Paint-by-Numbers kits, and enjoying the timeless fun of a Pogo stick, these toys offer a diverse range of activities that stimulate creativity, physical activity, and cognitive development.

By incorporating these toys into your child’s playtime, you can ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable experience that fosters learning and growth.

So, embrace the power of “P” and watch as your child’s playtime transforms into a wonderland of possibilities and endless fun.


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