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19 Exciting Ocean Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Ocean-Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Dive into the wonders of the ocean with these 19 fun and educational activities perfect for preschoolers:

Engaging young minds with the ocean’s mysteries can be exciting and educational.

Explore a variety of ocean-themed activities tailored for preschoolers.

From discovering the creatures that live beneath the waves to creating art inspired by the sea, these activities will spark curiosity and imagination, providing hours of fun and learning.

Ocean-themed activities for Preschoolers


 1. Ocean Sensory Bin:

Fill a bin with water, blue food coloring, and ocean-themed items like shells, plastic sea creatures, and rocks for a sensory experience.

ocean sensory bin play

Play with some sand, sea shells, and plastic ocean animals.

This will not be messy but be prepared to splash a few ounces of water around.

From livinglifeandlearning.com 


2. Ocean Animal Sorting:

Provide a variety of ocean animal toys and have children sort them by size, color, or type.

ocean animal sorting


3. Seashell Painting:

Collect seashells and let children paint them with vibrant colors.

sea shell painting

From Pinterest


4. Under the Sea Playdough:

Make different sea creatures with playdough. Play with them while dipping them in water.

under the sea playdough


5. Ocean Animal Yoga:

Teach children yoga poses inspired by ocean animals, such as the crab pose or fish pose.

ocean animal yoga

It is a very fine thing that I found from kidsyogastories.com 


6. Ocean Animal Charades:

Act out different ocean animals and have children guess the animal.

ocean animals play

From Pinterest

You can make your charade style for the kids to understand.


7. Ocean Animal Hunt:

Hide plastic ocean animals around the room or outdoor area for children to find.

ocean animals hunt


8. Ocean Animal Races:

Have children move like different ocean animals in a race, such as hopping like a crab or waddling like a penguin.


9. Fishy Snack Time:

Create fish-shaped snacks using crackers, cheese, and vegetables.

fish shaped snacks


10. Ocean-Themed Storytime:

Read your children the books about the ocean and ocean animals.

ocean themed stories


11. Ocean Sensory Bottles:

Fill clear bottles with water, blue food coloring, glitter, and small ocean-themed items for a calming sensory experience.

ocean sensory bottle


You will need sand, empty clear bottles, ocean-water animals, blue food coloring, and small shells.

Start by selecting a clear, plastic bottle with a tight-fitting lid. Fill the bottle about one-third with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water to create the ocean’s color.

Next, pour in glitter, sequins, and small sea creature toys to mimic the ocean’s shimmering beauty and inhabitants.

From https://alittlepinchofperfec.com 


12. Ocean Animal Puppets:

Create puppets of ocean animals using paper bags or socks and have children put on a puppet show.

How about making little fish or crab puppets to play?

Ocean Animal Puppets

You will need:

  • Orange and White Card
  • Black Marker Pen
  • Jumbo Popsicle Stick
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Printable crab template

Start with the printable crab template, cut out the pieces, and trace the small round eyes.

Check from kidscraftroom.com


13. Fishy Math:

Use goldfish crackers for counting, sorting, and simple addition and subtraction activities.

gold fish math

It is a colorful fishy time again.

Help develop motor skills and counting abilities.

Check from ducksnarow.com


Here is another way to develop motor skills for toddlers.


14. Ocean Animal Science Experiment:

Freeze plastic ocean animals in ice cubes and have children use warm water to melt the ice and free the animals.

Or you can try science experiments like this.

ocean science

Density jars are an easy and fun way to show kids that different liquids have different densities.

You’ll need a tall, clear container, such as a glass jar or a plastic bottle, to create a density jar. Begin by carefully layering liquids of varying densities in the container.

You can add dish soap, water, vegetable oil, and rubbing alcohol.

The liquids will form distinct layers due to their differing densities, with the densest liquid at the bottom and the least dense at the top.

You can also add food coloring to each liquid to enhance the visual effect. 


15. Ocean Animal Memory Game:

Create a memory game using cards with pictures of ocean animals for children to match.

Ocean Animal Memory Game


Check out https://thepurposefulnest.com/ocean-animals-kids-memory-cards/

Create an engaging and memorable learning experience for kids.

Have an educational playtime.


16. Ocean Animal Songs and Rhymes:

Who doesn’t know sharks do do do do Dudu?

Sing songs and recite rhymes about ocean animals to the tune of familiar songs.

Ocean Animal Songs and Rhymes


17. Ocean Animal Shadow Puppets:

Use a flashlight and a white sheet to create shadows of ocean animals for storytelling.

Ocean Animal Shadow Puppets:


Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=esTfxXsNgj0&feature=youtu.be


18. Ocean Animal Collage:

Provide magazines or printed pictures of ocean animals for children to create collages.

Ocean Animal Collage


From https://in.pinterest.com/pin/601723200239890946/


19. Ocean Animal Science Center:

Set up a science center with books, magnifying glasses, and specimens related to ocean animals for children to explore.

There are various ocean science experiments too that you can show.

a. You can show experiments like shark buoyancy.

science experiments


You will need:

  • a large bowl filled with water
  • balloons
  • dish detergent
  • water
  • vegetable oil
  • marker (optional)

Check https://www.forgetfulmomma.com/2020/03/03/shark-buoyancy-animal-science-experiment/


b. ocean science experiments


Carry out ample ocean science experiments.

Check https://pocketofpreschool.com/ocean-centers-shark-freebie-too/


My Take on Ocean-Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Ignite a passion for the ocean in your preschoolers. From learning about marine life to creating ocean-inspired art, each activity will be engaging and educational.

They will develop a deeper connection and explore the wonders of the sea.


These activities will not only spark children’s curiosity about the ocean but also help them develop important skills such as creativity, fine motor skills, and social skills.

Enjoy exploring the wonders of the ocean with these engaging activities!


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Ocean-Themed Activities for Preschoolers