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10 Steps Easy Jumping Frog Origami- Step-By-Step

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How to Make a Frog Origami: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Origami, the art of paper folding, is not only a delightful craft but also a great way to exercise your creativity and focus.

One of the most classic and fun origami creations is the jumping frog.

Check out the video on how to make a simple jumping frog origami with easy-to-follow steps.

jumping frog origami


Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, is a mesmerizing practice that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

Among its myriad creations, the frog stands out as a charming and delightful model, loved for its simplicity and playful nature.

Crafting a frog through origami not only hones one’s folding skills but also brings a sense of accomplishment and joy as the paper transforms into a lively amphibian with just a few strategic creases.


Materials You’ll Need:

  • A square piece of paper (you can use origami paper or any square paper)


And this is how to do:


Step 1:

Start with a perfect Rectangle Piece of Paper

Preferably take 10*20 cm paper of any green shade color.

jumping frog origami


Step 2:

Fold in Half

Fold the paper in half and then fold diagonally to form a triangle. Crease the fold well and then unfold.

jumping frog origami


Step 3:

Fold the Corners

Do the same things on the opposite side.

Fold the top corners of the triangle down to the center crease to create a diamond shape.

jumping frog origami


Step 4:

Fold the Bottom Edge

Fold the bottom edge of the diamond shape up to meet the bottom point of the triangle.

jumping frog origami


Step 5:

Fold in Half Again

Fold the paper in half along the center crease, bringing the top point down to meet the bottom point.

You should now have a smaller triangle shape.

jumping frog origami


Step 6:

Create the Legs

Fold the bottom corners of the triangle up to form the frog’s legs. Leave a small space between the legs.

jumping frog origami


Step 7:

Fold the Legs Again

Fold the legs one more time to create a crease near the body of the frog.

jumping frog origami


Step 8:

Fold the Head

Fold the top point of the triangle down to create the frog’s head.

This fold should be about one-third of the way from the top of the triangle.

jumping frog origami


Step 9:

Shape the Frog

Gently open up the frog’s body and legs to give it a more three-dimensional shape.

Your frog is now complete!

jumping frog origami


Step 10:

Make It Jump

To make your frog jump, place it on a flat surface with the legs down.

Press down on the frog’s back, and watch it leap forward!

jumping frog origami


Congratulations, you’ve successfully made a jumping frog origami!

Experiment with different sizes and colors of paper to create a whole family of jumping frogs.


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This is how to make a frog origami. Have fun folding!

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