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14 Easy Things to Draw for Beginners (Mix Media)

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Easy simple drawings that look good on paper.

I love drawing and if you are on this page I am sure you love drawing too.

Exploring different art mediums opens up a world of creativity and expression.

Sketching, watercolors, acrylics, and colored pencils each offer unique ways to bring your ideas to life on paper or canvas.

Each medium has its charm and techniques to master.

Delve into the basics of sketches, watercolors, acrylics, and colored pencils, exploring their characteristics, tools needed, and simple techniques to get you started. 


easy things to draw for beginners




mix media

Drawn on a black sheet of paper with a golden gel pen and some parts are filled with watercolors.


2. easy things to draw

This one might look artistic, but it is drawn with a white gel pen on black paper.

Later on few strokes of red paint were added on the sides.



easy things to draw

This is a simple sketch pen drawing with a bit of yellow watercolors used as background.


4. easy things to draw

Black, blue, and dark green fabric colors are used here.


5. easy things to draw

Black and yellow fabric colors.


6. easy things to draw

This is one of the cutest drawings done in 5-10 mins. 

Using earbuds and a pink fabric color, the tree is completed.


7. easy things to draw

Brush pens and black fabric colors were used. 


8. easy things to draw

It is a complete fabric color poster. 


9. easy things to draw


Colored pencil drawing. With a few sketch pens overdrawn.


10. easy things to draw

The pink color is watercolor. The rest are brush pens. Golden gel pen for the flower stalk.


11. easy things to draw

Simple brush pens are used here for a kid’s illustration.


12. easy things to draw

Brush pens and watercolors were used.



13. easy things to draw

This was done on a pale orange craft paper. 

Brush pens were used in it except the clouds. 

The clouds are simply white paint on a cotton dabbed on the paper. It looks yellowish as the paper was itself orange.



easy things to draw

It is just a simple sketch. 

Made with love.



My Take on Easy Things to Draw as Beginners

Simply take a sketchbook and take inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram. They are gold mines for art ideas.

Start with any sketches or paintings you want. 

If you are just starting then I would tell you to start with the number 13. It is easy and with simple strokes of leaves, it looks cool.


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Easy Things to Draw as Beginners

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